Clean for take off
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Tuesday, 01 October 2019

clean for take off

After a 10 hour flight, airplanes are one big mess. How to clean this plane quickly before the next flight? KLM has a specialised cleaning team ready!

The strict KLM planning shows when every plane arrives at Schiphol. Once it has landed, a van carrying the team and its materials takes them to the particular plane.

During the ride in the van, the manager tells everyone what to do once they arrive. Some collect the blankets and pillow, which will be transported to the launderette. Others take care of the toilets, galleys, chairs and tables and someone follows with a vacuum cleaner.

Next to the cleaning, the team does something else that is very important: the security search. Every place in the plane gets checked, colleagues even hide test blocks to make sure the cleaners find everything and the plane has been checked properly.

Depending on the type of plane, after 1,000 – 1,200 flight hours, the plane is ready for a good deep clean.

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