Amsterdam Innovation Award: nominations of 2022

The Amsterdam Innovation Award will provide a comprehensive overview of innovation across the industry, the categories are: Sustainability & Environment, Smart Technologies & Digitalisation, Workforce & Ergonomics and Health & Hygiene. From the latest robotic and connected technology to developments in sustainable cleaning, a strong list of candidates have compete to win the prestigious event at Interclean Amsterdam. 


Sustainability and Environment

Tork Biobased Heavy-Duty Cleaning Cloth

Company: Tork, an Essity brand
Stand: 10.101, PP.CI.01

Tork Biobased Heavy-Duty Cleaning Cloth helps to lower the consumption of fossil based materials in industry and foodservice, while improving the cleaning processed efficiency.

Ecodos Dosage Bottle

Company: Spectro B.V.

Stand: 02.210

The Ecodos Dosage Bottle is made of 100% recycled plastic from our Recycle Factory, world’s 1st closed recycling of plastic packaging in the cleaning industry. Special dosage caps take care of the correct use of our super concentrated cleaning agents. Logistical impact is reduced due to clever design of the bottles to fit smaller boxes. With a patented design it is unique in the world.

EVERSEA Multipurpose Cloth

Company: Grupo Maya
Stand: 05.329

C:Aquamarine D:40x40cm Mat:70% Recycled cotton 30%SEAQUAL® yarn*.*SY is made by processing PET from plastic bottles collected from coasts,beaches,seas & rivers. Thanks to SI we certify and guarantee that our EVERSEA ® products are made of Upcycled Marine Plastic. Designed for use on any type of surface. High efficiency in cleaning and dragging. Retains dust particles and does not spread them.

Smart Technologies and Digitalisation

Swep EviSense

Company: Vileda Professional FHCS
Stand: 05.307

The new Swep class is the most advanced cleaning system we ever designed: Faster, more ergonomic, sustainable and now digital ! EviSense® addresses key market insights by providing guidance and support to cleaning operators and the ability to evidence work done to clients and management. Easy to install, no training required. Data hosted safe and secure in the VP iQonnect cloud. Now we clean !

Gausium Scrubber 50 Pro

Company: Gausium Robotics Trading Limited
Stand: 07.112

Gausium Scrubber 50 Pro is a versatile cleaning robot integrating scrubbing, damp- and dust mopping. It can autonomously charge and refill water supported by the workstation. The 5 depth cameras grant the robot 360° visibility to work in very complex scenarios. Driven by its deep learning capacity, it has a "Spot cleaning" mode where it 'Patrols' an area and cleans when contamination is detected.

R3 Scrub

Company: Lionsbot International Pte Ltd
Stand: 02.311, B10

Lionsbot introduces a new category of cleaning robots - the cleaner’s personal robot assistant. A robot that EVERYONE can use EVERYWHERE. The R3 Scrub is an affordable necessity for each cleaner to clean small to medium spaces while they focus on customer service and disinfection. The R3 Scrub is an autoscrubbing robot designed to be super easy to use and leaves floors dry and cleans quietly.

Workforce & Ergonomics


Company: RCM S.p.a.
Stand: 01.333

NEXBOT is an autonomous scrubber-drier made to clean efficiently large spaces It reduces significantly the environmental impact of cleaning, in terms of reduction of water (90 lt per 6 h cleaning) detergent and waste Its performance, pushed by high speed, nonstop clean to drain and refill, running time over 6 h, AI designed routes, increase the profitability of cleaning with autonomous machines.


Company: Arcora International GmbH
Stand: 01.334

The 100% environmentally friendly pad with waterdrop perforation is the perfect pad for the maintenance cleaning with all types of scrubber dryer machines. It achieves an area performance up to 80,000 m² and can be used on all water-resistant elastic coverings and hard floors. With the composition of polyester, polyether and a polyurethane fixation, the pad is very robust and durable.

BVL 5/1 Bp

Company: Kärcher b.v.
Stand: 01.135

The BVL 5/1 Bp from Kärcher is the world´s first battery-operated ergonomic backpack vacuum cleaner made of innovative and ultralight EPP material, which is extra robust and meets the highest Professional requirements when it comes to ergonomics and stability. The BVL 5/1 Bp convinces with an ergonomic frame from Deuter and its unrestricted, cordless use and its excellent mobility and flexibility.

Health and Hygiene


Company: Consensus Group
Stand: 05.632

EnozoPRO offers a risk reducing alternative to all daily chemicals, deodorizers & sanitizers. The spraybottle contains revolutionary and patented technology, an electrolytic cell that turns tap water into Aqueous Ozone (AO) – nature’s most powerful sanitizer. With a push on the trigger, safe A.O. is created on-demand which is non-toxic, sustainable, eco-friendly and contains no fragrances or dyes.

Aladin GT5

Company: AR-CO Chimica S.r.l.
Stand: 01.533

Aladin is the only system that allows you to obtain a Certain Cost of cleaning. Our Aladin systems are automatic detergent dispensers with controlled dispensing, with the aid of a software that previously allows the estimate of the consumption of detergent necessary for the needs of the building site.

CORELESS Centre Pull Paper Towel in TAD

Stand: 12.805

Unique Sensitive perforation: one sheet at a time. Consumption control: up to 35%. Coreless: No core, No waste, No mess. Environmentally friendly: Waste reduction up to 40% and CO2 Emissions. 70% less space in transport maximum autonomy: 300% more paper Reduced labor Innovative TAD Technology more resistant innovative individual pak + handle: Can also be used as a portable dispenser.