Refresh your knowledge during Interclean Amsterdam

Interclean Amsterdam is much more than just an exhibition. Industry experts will take the stage to share their knowledge and best practices on a broad variety of Cleaning & Hygiene topics. With an Innovation Lab, Robot Arena, Zero Waste Dome and many more, the show will offer the latest innovative solutions, trends and developments.

Innovation Lab

The Innovation Lab is the place to be for everything innovative at Interclean Amsterdam. All most remarkable innovations at the show are gathered here. This exciting onsite activity platform features products, solutions, technologies and an impressive line-up of speakers on the Innovation Lab Stage offering insight into the latest trends and production techniques and practices.

Amsterdam Innovation Award nominees

Key component of the Innovation Lab revolves around the nominations for the Amsterdam Innovation Award, showcasing all the nominated products. A special display provides a presentation of the nominated and winning products, offering you more background information on the innovation and the company that created it.


Innovation Lab Stage

An important part of Interclean is exchanging knowledge and networking. The Innovation Lab Stage offers visitors networking opportunities and also easy access to free educational sessions. Here you also find Interclean Inside: our daily morning kick-off and afternoon recap LIVE from the Innovation Lab Stage. Speakers, exhibitors and visitors will tell you all about what can be expected of the day. Interclean Inside will also be available with a livestream in Clean Connect.

Healthcare Cleaning Lab

The Healthcare Cleaning Lab in hall 12 is where you will find cleaning products and practices specifically for the healthcare industry. Live demonstrations are held in hospital setting that teach you about specialised cleaning methods, guidelines, dress codes, hand hygiene and much more. The demonstrations will be presented by a professional from SVS: an educational institute for the facility and cleaning industry. If this peeks your interest, be sure to check out the Healthcare Cleaning Forum, which is organised alongside Interclean Amsterdam.

Debates at the Healthcare Cleaning Lab Theatre

In addition to the demonstration area at the Healthcare Cleaning Lab you will find the Healthcare Cleaning Lab Theatre. Daily presentations are given on a wide range of topics involving cleaning and infection prevention. Pressing themes are discussed in three Debates, where experts exchange their views on the merits and benefits of new technologies and solutions such as non-wovens, UVC and air quality.

Debate 1: Tuesday, 10 May
The pros and cons of single and reusable wipes and protective clothing in healthcare.

Debate 2: Wednesday, 11 May
Automated Room disinfection: the pros and cons of UVC.

Debate 3: Thursday, 12 May
‘It’s all up in the Air’: on the importance of clean air and what we can do to improve it.

Robot Arena

The robotic revolution in the cleaning industry continues, as more and more automated and autonomous cleaning machines enter the industry. The trend continues with the introduction of co-bots, where robot and human work together to get the job done in the most efficient way possible. Visit the Robot Arena to experience first-hand the benefits of using robots and co-bots to create a more efficient cleaning strategy.

With demonstations from: Lionsbot, Cleanfix, Adlatus Robotics GmbH, Gausium Robotics, B+N Referencia Zrt, Future Cleaning Technologies.


Boosting digitalisation and attracting new (young) talent

On 11 May 2022 Interclean will welcome 10 teams of 5 members from all over the world to come to demonstrate their problem-solving skills during Interclean Amsterdam 2022. The challenge that the teams will take, revolves around the development of an application concept for cleaning personnel, based on a real daily issue.

10 teams

Hackathon Team

10h competition

Hackathon idea

€ 2,000.00 reward

Hackathon prize

Attracting the next generation

While digitalisation is set to transform the industry, its rapid growth has highlighted a key issue: the digital skills gap that exists in professional cleaning. It’s a challenge for other industries as well, with the European Commission estimating that the coming years many ICT-related jobs will remain unfilled.

If professional cleaning and hygiene companies don’t solve this issue, it’s hard to see where future generations of digital solutions will come from. So, companies need to attract new talent – whether in-house or via digital start-ups that deliver the software and apps that continue to drive improvement.

Timetable Interclean Hackathon (11 May 2022)

09.00  Start of the Hackathon

17.00 The teams pitch their ideas to the jury

18.00 Start of the Award Ceremony

18.30 Drinks

During the Hackathon, you’ll be able to walk around the workstations, talk to the teams and to follow their progress. As well as getting the perspective of software and app developers, facility management students and game designers, you’ll have the chance to share your thoughts on their concepts.

"Vileda Professional is sponsoring a team to support the effort to further increase the awareness of the Cleaning Industry for the opportunities Digitization is offering to their business. We hope to get some fresh ideas with an outside in view on how we can support the daily work of cleaners, that make their life easier whilst generating value for the business owners. The Hackathon should also act as a platform to break the silos and get competitors and companies from adjacent fields behind the idea of creating ecosystems and collaboration to best benefit from data generated. " - Manfred Zielbauer, Director of Business Development of Vileda Professional, about their participation as a sponsor.

“Plastiflex has been manufacturing plastic hose systems for more than 65 years, which are used in e.g. vacuum cleaners for domestic, commercial and industrial use. In the last couple of years, we have been investigating the trends in smart/IoT applications and how these affect our end-use markets. It has become obvious to us that smart/IoT/digitization is impacting our end-use markets and specifically the commercial cleaning industry. The hackathon is for us an ideal event to get input on the opportunities digitization offers for the use of vacuum cleaners in commercial cleaning.” - Jenci Kurja, Chief Growth Officer Plastiflex Group N.V., about their participation as a sponsor.

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Zero Waste Dome

Location: Innovation Lab

The Zero Waste Dome is located at the Innovation Lab in hall 5. Here you will learn more about the crucial role of cleaners in waste management, by means of lectures and by presentations of expert companies in the field of waste separation. The program is developed in cooperation with the ZeroWasteFoundation.

Maximum recycling requires pure 'raw material' flows: each flow must be separated pure, kept pure and presented pure for collection and transport to the recycling industry. Cleaners play a crucial role in this: they are active throughout the company, from the office to the canteen, from the sanitary room to the stairwell, from the boardroom to the reception. As a result, in addition to the executive tasks, the cleaning services are also perfectly able to view waste separation with an analytical view and actively contribute to optimization and expansion, such as: supervision of sustainable solutions, data management and logistics

  • advice (for example on the choice of environmental equipment)
  • identification and registration of waste and raw materials collection
  • manage/operate environmental equipment/containers, internal logistics resources, etc.
  • inspection and feedback

Facility Inspiration Event

Location: Innovation Lab | 11 & 12 May

The Facility Inspiration Event guides Facility Managers through Interclean Amsterdam. Facility Managers can visit Interclean Amsterdam to know what is available in the market to ask the right questions to their cleaning contractor. Or in case of an in-house cleaning service, to actually find new products and solutions. But for may Facility Managers, cleaning is ‘only’ a part of their portfolio. To help Facility Managers find the right solutions for their specific problems and needs the Facility Inspiration Event is introduced. Be inspired by innovations that are relevant to you.

The Facility Inspiration Event takes place in the morning of 11 & 12 May. It offers:

  • ’Be inspired’ sessions
  • ’Connect & exchange’ lunch
  • Themed innovation tours

’Be inspired’ sessions

The ‘Be inspired’ sessions at the Facility Inspiration Event offer new insights in three pressing themes:

Sustainability – creating value through chain cooperation
Sustainability and environment: not a USP, but a must.
Sustainability within the supply chain is for Facility Management indispensable: this is no longer an Unique Selling point, but a must. Making impact through chain cooperation, with the goal to create value in the chain. The focus on CO2 reduction only is no longer enough, CO2 neutral is the new standard.

Workforce & ergonomics
People are the most valuable asset in Facility Management.
People are your most valuable asset. Within Facility Management there are numerous developments about human processes. The goal is to organize processes smarter, more efficient and to contribute to sustainable employment. This is accompanied by forward-looking innovations, such as robotics and sensors.

Data driven performance management
Digitalisation is the opportunity for supporting continuous improvement within Facility Management.
Measuring the performance based on digitalization is indispensable for Facility Management. Insight in the progress, processes, results and contract performance indicators offers relevant data which can be monitored, adjusted and through continuous development measuring and adjusting the realized goals. How do you work together as Facility Management and your suppliers with data to add value to the cooperation and delivered services?

‘Connect & exchange’ lunch

After ‘be inspired’ sessions, the participants are invited to have lunch at the Clean Connect Terrace to talk to the experts from, among other things, the theme sessions. The expert and the participants enter into a discussion based on the hot topics and statements per theme. This offers the opportunity to ask the expert questions, but also to exchange ideas and experiences with fellow Facility Managers and to get extra inspiration about how to get started with these themes.

Themed Innovation tours

New for this edition of the Facility Inspiration Event are the innovation tours. A specific tour along selected exhibitors has been put together for each theme to show the Facility Managers specific developments, innovations and solutions. Visitors can choose to join a guided tour or they can follow the ‘DIY’tour via the CleanConnect APP. The themed tours offer the Facility Managers extra support and ensure that they get the most out of their visit.

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