Interclean China Healthcare gathering

Successful Healthcare event by Interclean China

Thursday, 13 January 2022

On 8 January 2022 the Interclean China team co-hosted a successful event in Shanghai about Healthcare medical hygiene and infection control. During this event it was the first time that a hospital logistics department, property management company and cleaning equipment supplier united and gathered. The aim of this gathering was to promote the upstream and downstream communication of the medical cleaning industry, and establish a platform to jointly discuss the prospects and solutions for the integrated development of related industries.

Rong Wenli, deputy director of Operation support Department of Shanghai Sixth People's Hospital, delivered a speech. She pointed out that in the past, the three parties of hospital logistics department, cleaning service provider and equipment supplier had not had smooth communication. This time, the three parties could discuss for the same goal from different perspectives, which was an unprecedented opportunity and really met the needs of the hospital.

Cheng Ziwei, director of logistics Support Department of Shanghai Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, shared the current situation and thoughts of medical logistics cleaning service under the normal epidemic situation. He mentioned four key points of optimizing management mode: cost, standardization, manpower and training.

During the round-table session, topics such as ‘how can hospital logistics management achieve high standards and high quality while achieving low risk and low cost?‘, ’How can trilateral cooperation achieve win-win results?’, ‘How can robots replace humans at a reasonable cost?’, ‘How do equipment suppliers design equipment and robots that meet the needs of hospitals?’ were discussed. One thing undoubtedly, the delegates said, hope to hold more similar tripartite exchange activities, let the hospital and services to share the pain and difficulties of the work, also let suppliers to face to face with the users’ demand, starting from the demand to provide solutions.

The team and Triooo shared the latest solution they have for healthcare scenario as delegation of suppliers. Said by General Manager of i-team China, Zhang Beili, “Aftering visiting more than 150 hospital clients served by i-team, finally I met face to face here at Interclean HCF Salon with my user (manager from hospital logstic department) instead of a property manager."

As the second stop of the Healthcare event series, this is also a great success after the debut in Beijing on April 2021 from Interclean China. There will be more opportunities for the three parties to get together and discuss different topics.

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