Reflecting on a succesful Interclean China

Reflecting on a successful Interclean China

Tuesday, 24 October 2023

As they say in the classics: that’s a wrap! After a whirlwind three days, there is now time to share some valuable feedback and insights as we reflect on a successful Interclean 2023.

We caught up with visitors from across the globe and exhibitors and asked their impressions of the show. They told us why they were attending, their unique goals and needs, what they expected to take away from Interclean China and why they believe Interclean’s international events are so important for the global professional cleaning and hygiene industry.

Let’s see what they have to say!

But first, a bit of backgroud

Interclean’s first trade show in China after the pandemic proved to be a great meeting place for those in the commercial cleaning and hygiene sector to explore innovations and advances in the rapidly evolving Chinese market.

As the only dedicated international trade show in China for cleaning and hygiene, Interclean China took place at the Chongqing International Convention and Exhibition Centre from 18-20 October 2023. This year’s event drew visitors from across the globe, with around 5,500 attendees and almost 100 exhibitors, eager to discover what China can offer the industry in terms of opportunities, partnerships and technologies to revolutionise cleaning and hygiene practices, products and innovations.

Partnerships and positive vibes

There was a definite atmosphere of optimism and excitement with many visitors stating they were delighted to once again be doing business in China, by networking with industry experts, suppliers, manufacturers and exporters.

Many of those attending Interclean China 2023 agreed that China has exciting possibilities and vast potential to offer investors and that Interclean China presented the perfect platform for these collaborations and relationships to be established.

One exhibition attendee from Qatar remarked:

“It’s my first time attending Interclean China. I’m here from Doha to investigate the new technologies, especially robotics. So far, it’s been amazing! My colleagues and I are from one of the biggest cleaning companies in Doha, and we’re here to see how we can form relationships with Chinese manufacturers.”

Another visitor from Benin, West Africa, was searching for a partner for his company:

“I’m the CEO for a large company in Benin selling cleaning materials and products. I’ve come to Interclean China to look for a new partner and supplier for my enterprise. I’ve seen many things at this show that are highly beneficial to expand my cleaning business.”

A Chinese exhibitor was thrilled with the opportunity to engage with international visitors and proud to showcase quality products and equipment that had been manufactured in China:

“People from all over the world are gathering here to discover the future of the professional cleaning and hygiene sector in China. We’re very excited to help them grow their businesses and also to act as a platform for demonstrating how far the Chinese cleaning and hygiene industry has come in terms of innovation and competitiveness.”

Let’s talk about new technologies

Another hot topic for many visitors to Interclean 2023 was that of smart technology and innovations in the field of robotics, AI and data led cleaning and hygiene solutions. Visitors mentioned how excited they were to discover so many suppliers offering exhibits and demonstrations involving robotics, AI and other smart technology, as well as other exciting new products such as solar panel cleaning and high-rise façade cleaning.

Interclean is proud to be on the forefront of the very latest developments in research, development and implementation of these exciting new advances, as the world of professional cleaning and hygiene continues to evolve at a rapid pace.

One particularly enthusiastic visitor from a Saudi Arabian facilities management company had this to say:

“It was great being here and we found lots of new technologies and things related to cleaning development. We came to discover new technologies especially artificial intelligence, robotics and robotic façade cleaners as well as environmentally friendly chemicals for cleaning. We discovered lots of new types of machines such as highly intelligent robotic cleaners which we’re definitely going to implement back home. We’re excited to be the first in our market to be using this newly developed equipment. We’ve found great prices and quality, with many machines being cheaper compared to European and American brands.”

Meanwhile a visitor from South Africa echoed this sentiment:

“We’re at Interclean China 2023 to look for innovations – something new and high-tech, in terms of what we can bring into the cleaning segment in our specific market. Judging from what we’ve seen at this show, I really believe that the tech could be a game changer for the cleaning industry.”

Promising new products and sustainable solutions

Also top of the “needs and wants” list for many visitors was that of environmentally friendly cleaning chemicals and sustainable equipment. With the increased worldwide focus on conserving resources such as water and reducing the impact of the cleaning industry’s ecological footprint, many attendees were on the lookout for solutions which would help them adhere to strict new compliancy regulations, as well as attract more eco-conscious consumers.

One visitor from Qatar had come to Interclean China to source sustainable tissue paper for his cleaning company:

“Specifically we’re here to look for some biodegradable paper manufacturing companies, to offer our customers a more sustainable solution. Not only will it be better for the planet, these recyclable products help us to build our reputation as a responsible and ethical brand.”

Another visitor from Qatar remarked:

“As a professional in hospitality for hotels, hospitals and restaurants I’m looking for cleaning equipment, chemicals and tools that can boost our sustainability efforts. We’re also here to explore which new products and innovations are being launched in China. It’s been really amazing and we’re very impressed with RAI’s organisation, especially in the challenging market, post-Covid.”

Superb seminar sessions

Visitors were also very impressed by the knowledge sessions and variety of top industry experts who shared valuable information on how to manage and grow business in China and as well as the workshops and demonstrations from global vendors looking to import products and services for the ever-growing Chinese market.

“I came here as a prospective buyer to develop relations with the new companies in China and from around the world. I’ve attended some very informative knowledge sharing sessions and made some excellent connections for procuring the latest cleaning and hygiene chemicals, equipment, tools and new technologies. This will enable me to become one of the preferred suppliers in the Middle East, Gulf and Southern Asia. I’m very confident I’ll get what I’m looking for and I’ve made very good contacts,”

commented a visitor.

See you in Amsterdam and Shanghai!

All the visitors we interviewed over the three days of the show were unanimous in expressing their interest in attending our upcoming events: Interclean Amsterdam from 14 to 17 May 2024 and Interclean China from 11-13 Dec 2024 in Shanghai.

So, if you missed this year’s fabulous event, be sure to catch us at our next ones!

We look forward to seeing you all in Amsterdam and Changhai next year!