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MEMORY TALKS | Ruud van den Berge (Flash BV)

Wednesday, 19 July 2023

In Interclean Memories we look back at many years of Interclean with colleagues, partners and friends of the show. This Memory Talks we spoke with Ruud van den Berge, CEO of Flash B.V., about their long-standing relationship with Interclean and the significant impact the trade show has had on their business. From showcasing their new innovations to expanding their international presence, and one very funny anecdote about handing out Heineken beers.

Exhibitor from the very start

“The relationship with Interclean is vital for us”, Ruud starts. “As a private label manufacturer, we rely on a platform to present our products to the market. Interclean provides us with that platform, allowing us to exhibit our new innovations to a wider audience.” Flash B.V. recognises the value of Interclean from the first show in 1967 and has been a consistent participant since then. “We were one of the few companies who joined Interclean from its very first edition,” Ruud proudly states. “We have attended every show without fail!”

The journey of Flash B.V. extends beyond the Interclean show in Amsterdam. Ruud shares: “We have attended shows not only in Europe, but also in China and the United States. Interclean serves as a meeting point for our existing customers and provides us with opportunities to establish new contacts internationally. International sales is very important for us and Interclean has played a significant role in our expansion.”

First stand Flash BV

Most memorable Interclean moments

Reflecting on their Interclean journey, Ruud shares a remarkable memory. “Once, our booth welcomed over 150 different nationalities. It was truly impressive to see the international impact of the show. The diversity and global reach of Interclean never cease to amaze us.” Another memorable moment for Ruud is the product launch they did at Interclean in 2022. "Every year is more successful than the one before. We spend a lot of time on product development and are very proud of that. At Interclean Amsterdam 2022 we had a world launch for a new disposable mop (Wet2Go Ready Mop). We are the only one in the world who are producing this, so you can imagine the success we had there!"

W2G Ready mop

A funny twist: handing out Heineken

Amidst their successful experiences, Ruud shares a funny anecdote. “One year we underestimated the size of our booth and decided to go bigger at the last minute. Unable to expand physically, we decided to add a second floor to our booth. Little did we anticipate the unexpected challenge that awaited – this second floor turned out to be quite warm due to a heatwave in the country! It was a less-than-ideal environment for our customers and staff.” Nonetheless, Flash B.V. came up with an amusing solution. “We offered our customers an abundance of cold Heineken beers, to cope with the heat. This is a funny story that still circulates amongst those who were there!” 

From pioneers to professionals

Ruud reveals that Flash B.V. initially ventured the Interclean show as pioneers. “In the early stages, Flash B.V.’s booth builders and salespersons consisted of employees from our production team. As we continued to participate year after year, we recognised the need for a dedicated and specialised approach to maximise our success at the exhibition. We evolved from relying on our production employees to employing a team of professionals specifically trained for the tasks of booth construction and sales.” However, the participation of the production employees in the early years of attending the show also had its advantages. “It was an incredible team-building experience and it contributed to our success. Visitors of the show also loved meeting with our team! Some even got asked out on a date.”

Interclean 2022 Flash BV

Changes over the years & looking ahead

When asked about the changes he observed at Interclean over the years, Ruud answers: “The show has grown significantly in scale, becoming a global exhibition. The most notable change for us has been the increased participation of Asian countries, transforming it into a truly international event.” Regarding the future of Interclean, Ruud believes the show will remain essential for the industry. “Interclean is like the Champions League of cleaning shows. It has gained a reputation that sets it apart from the other exhibitions. We cannot afford to miss out on the opportunities it presents. We will be there next edition too!”


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