Sunday, 20 October 2019

For the sixth part of our Behind the Scenes of Interclean series, we meet the newest member of the team – the woman in charge of telling the Interclean story and sharing tons of exciting online content with exhibitors and delegates alike.

Sharing the Interclean story

Interclean Amsterdam might be the largest professional cleaning and hygiene show on Earth, but that doesn’t mean we can simply host the exhibition and hope that people will turn up. No, a lot of hard work is put into the promotion of the event – encouraging exhibitors to participate and then showing potential attendees why attending the event is so important/crucial.

That’s where Pamela comes in. As our Content Marketer, she’s responsible for all the promotional material we share on our online channels – from videos of previous events to this article itself. Her role is to generate interest in Interclean Amsterdam online, helping us building a community that makes Interclean the industry event of the year.

So, if you meet someone new at the show this year who turns out to have the solution you need or who becomes a loyal customer, there’s a good chance you have Pamela to thank somewhere along the line.

Looking forward to an amazing first show

Interclean Amsterdam 2020 will be Pamela’s first show with us, which is super exciting. After all, I’m sure many of you can remember your first time attending – not to mention the impression it had on those who come back every year. However, it doesn’t mean Pamela is new to the trade show scene…

Before joining our team, she worked in communications for a Dutch trade association – creating social media campaigns that brought people to events like METSTRADE and  Rematec. It’s safe to say she knows her way around an exhibition hall and has a solid understanding of what exhibitors and visitors want to see in a show.

After this accumulated experience, she developed a desire to specialise in content marketing – and joined our team to do just that in November 2018. Since then, she has been enjoying sharing all our best stories with you.

Keeping pace with cleaning innovation

Pamela herself is excited to work for Interclean Amsterdam 2020; the innovative nature of the professional cleaning and hygiene industry excites her every day.

She adds: “During my time as Content Marketer for Interclean, I have noticed how fast the industry changes – not just with the constant drive to innovate, but also how we look at health and safety issues.” Good thing that she is great at connecting the dots to create new ideas and solutions to help others staying up-to-date with this rapid pace of change.

She also enjoys being involved in gearing up for such an exhibition. “The industry has a great story to tell,” she says. “And, for a content marketer like me, there is so much great material to work with. It is also gratifying to know that cleaning and hygiene is vital to our health and safety – and the people working within the industry really show that they care about the people and the businesses they work with.”

A super addition to the team

Pamela is always sharing stories and showing everyone why professional cleaning and hygiene really matters. However, she is also very active when she is off. She works out multiple times a week, spends time with friends and even finds time for video games. It is safe to say that she is busy, busy, busy in the office and outside the perimeters of the Interclean office.

As a sociable, funny and enthusiastic presence, she remains a great addition to the Interclean team. (And, really, where has the last year gone?). We are also glad she enjoys working with the rest of us. “For me personally, it’s the team that makes a real difference between Interclean and other trade shows I have worked for,” she says.

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