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Exhibitor in the spotlight: R-Storm Technology

Thursday, 28 January 2021

China has become an important market for the cleaning and hygiene industry with companies bringing quality products and innovations to the market. In preparation for Interclean China, to be held in Beijing April 19-21, 2021, we'll take a look into the future of the industry with professional exhibitors participating in the event in April 2021.

R-Storm Technology has built a number of high-altitude cleaning robots with different scenes, really fully covering the application scenarios. In this interview they will discuss which trends influence product development and iteration.

What are the major challenges that organisations in your sector face?

We are faced with how to greatly improve the general performance of the product and apply it to more complex and specific scenarios. At the same time, because of the new industrial transformation of machine generation, the integration of upstream and downstream industrial chains is also one of the challenges. Finally, it is necessary for the government and industry regulatory agencies to issue relevant industrial policies and regulations for robot high-altitude cleaning as soon as possible.

How is new technology helping you to overcome these challenges?

Through the research and development of visual algorithm, adaptive obstacle crossing and other software, we greatly improve the general performance of the product. At the same time, innovative research and development should be carried out on the basis of learning from the design experience of traditional cleaning equipment, so that suppliers can provide more stable raw materials and equipment. In addition, the company's internal strict control of product quality management system, through the ISO9000 certification, strive to become the industry standard setter. 

What trends do you think will dominate your sector in 2021 - 2022?

I think in 2021-2022, the main trend of the industry can be attributed to trying and expanding. There will be more and more end customers willing to try to use robots for high-altitude cleaning. As a high-altitude cleaning robot supplier, we will focus more on market development and business, so that more customers can enjoy our services and products.

How important is sustainability to your organisation? What are you doing to act on it?

As a robot technology company, technological innovation is the core work of our company's sustainability. We will invest more energy in how to improve the cleaning quality of high-altitude glass curtain wall and improve the safety of high-altitude work in the future. Every year, we will invest 50% of our financial expenditure on technology R & D and innovation.

What impact is digitalisation having on your sector? Are organisations making the most of the opportunities available to them?

Data will be the basis for us to better provide high-altitude cleaning services in the future, which will make us more professional in robot operation than human operation, and greatly improve process management, cleaning quality and operation rationality. In the next two to three years, we will build a data platform for high-altitude cleaning work, which will not only better serve customers, but also share the data with government organizations, so that they can better control and supervise the high-risk operation industry.

Which single piece of technology are you most excited about for the future?

The technology we are most interested in is vision related technology, because vision technology will be to install "glasses" for the robot and intersect with other sensors, which can more comprehensively collect the surrounding environment data and signals. At the same time, the cost advantage of the camera is also very obvious, far lower than other similar laser sensors.

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