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Exhibitor In The Spotlight: Gaussian Robotics

Monday, 8 February 2021

China has become an important market for the cleaning and hygiene industry with companies bringing quality products and innovations to the market. In preparation for Interclean China, to be held in Beijing April 19-21, 2021, we'll take a look into the future of the industry with professional exhibitors participating in the event in April 2021.

In this Exhibitor In The Spotlight, we asked Gaussian Robotics how they respond to current trends and developments in the industry and what the future holds for cleaning and hygiene. Driven by the strategic engine of self-developed all-scenario full-stack mobile robotic technology, Gaussian adheres to fully integrated processes throughout the business chain, forming a complete closed loop of theoretical research–product development–delivery and operation to boost the application upgrade of smart city eco-space scenarios comprehensively.

What are the major challenges that organizations in your sector face?

Commercial cleaning is a major industry sector that employs basic labor. Yet, it faces labor shortages and increased labor costs due to an aging population. Intelligent technology has offered a solution to this dilemma. It is a common challenge faced by outstanding companies in the industry to hone the product lineup with the optimal scenario applicability to match the complex environments in commercial fields and provide comprehensive pre-sales and after-sales services for users worldwide.

How is new technology helping you to overcome these challenges?

With fully integrated processes throughout the business chain, Gaussian has self-developed core algorithm technology and related patents. Gaussian's commercial cleaning robotics is a deep integration of unmanned driving and cleaning technology that allows cleaning and sanitation work to be perfectly completed by automated and intelligent means. However, a larger-scale commercial implementation and richer function stacking require the optimization and cost reduction of core components such as sensors and the development of 5G and cloud edge computing technology.

What trends from the last couple of years have become mainstream in your company?

Firstly, the exploration of users’ real needs in different scenarios. Secondly, the continuous development of all-scenario full-stack technology, that is, how to apply a set of codes to enable robots with various functions applicable to different scenarios and situations in the whole industry chain. Commercial scenarios are complex and various, such as parking lots, lobbies, shopping areas, conference rooms, and corridors, with different requirements for the performance and configuration of robots. However, the development of multi-category products requires high resource input and time cost. In this fast-growing industry, time wait for no company. Gaussian's cleaning robot series products are applicable to all scenarios and business sectors and can better facilitate the scheduling and management of cleaning fleets, owing to its continuous investment and accumulation of all-scenario full-stack technology.

What trends do you think will dominate your sector in 2021-2022?

In 2020, Gaussian Robotics will maintain a high investment in product development and technology R&D: On the one hand, we will continue to enrich our product matrix and improve its adaptability to different scenarios and cleaning demands. On the other hand, we will further engage in the research and development of all-scenario full-stack technology for robotics, focusing on five dimensions of All-scenario, Intelligence, Long Time, Large Batch, and Low Cost to improve technical versatility, algorithm intelligence, and product robustness continuously and lay a profound technical foundation for the large-scale production and long-term stable operation of robots. The complete product matrix and leading all-scenario full-stack technology are Gaussian’s secrets to meet customer demand and drive the extensive application of commercial cleaning robots continuously.

How important is sustainability to your organization?

We determine what is the real demand and plan our input and output. Gaussian believes that floor cleaning is a rigid need. How to develop and mass-produce Professional, Reliable, and Smart robot products to meet this rigid need has become a core factor of Gaussian's continuous investment in resources.

What impact is digitization having on your sector?Are organizations making the most of opportunities available to them?

With the gradual growth of customer management scale, people have increasingly higher requirements for environmental sanitation. The management cost of basic tasks such as housekeeping is also rising exponentially. One of the great benefits of digitization is that the existing achievements can be presented in a quantifiable manner and better controlled and analyzed. It is also an essential decision factor for customers to use Gaussian's commercial cleaning robots to upgrade traditional housekeeping operations.

Which single piece of technology are you most excited about for the future?

Currently, it is the environment perception technology for robotics, which is also what Gaussian is doing as a leader in the cleaning robotics sub-sector. It allows the robot to have the same judgment as humans to identify and classify garbage and stains, distinguish the flooring types, and clean them in different modes accordingly.

Is there anything we missed that you'd like to share about your business?

Service automation is an inevitable and irreversible trend following agricultural and industrial automation. However, in multitudinous service jobs, it is crucial to distinguish what is a rigid need. For robotics, accumulating massive field data on rigid-need tracks is self-evident for its deep learning.

Founded in 2013, Gaussian Robotics is one of the world's earliest robotics companies engaged in the research and development of autonomous mobile technology and the exploration of applications. Deeply involved in and fully committed to the commercial cleaning robotics sector, it has become an industry leader in all aspects. In 2014, Gaussian launched the first commercial cleaning robot and realized commercial implementation in overseas markets within two years, mainly in Singapore.

With a complete cleaning and disinfection robot product line, Gaussian has offered services to users of office buildings, hotels, hospitals, supermarkets, shopping malls, airports, railway stations, parks, scenic areas, and other scenarios, including customers such as Beijing Daxing International Airport, Singapore Changi Airport, SOHO China, SF Express, Walmart, and Taikoo Hui. The demonstration application of unmanned sanitation vehicles has also been implemented in Ningbo Daxie Development Zone, Shanghai Zhangjiang Artificial Intelligence (AI) Island, and other projects. So far, Gaussian's full range of products has provided 100 million+ kilometers of commercial robot cleaning services to 1,000+ customers in 30 countries and regions worldwide. It is one of the most outstanding companies in the commercial mobile robotics and unmanned driving market.

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