Chip Technology provides cleaning history linens
Monday, 02 September 2019

chip technology provides cleaning history linens

A guest enters the hotel room, picks up his smarthphone and scans the QR codes stitched to the linens. Seeing that the linens were last cleaned just that morning, he collapses into bed. This scenario just became reality for hotels in the central Chinese city of Wuhan.

Smart quality control

Hotel hygiene has been an ongoing issue for China’s hospitality sector. In 2018, 79 of 110 washing companies based in Wuhan were shut down for violating environmental regulations. As a result, hotels were forced to outsource their<ahref="https:> laundry needs to neighbouring cities, resulting in increased operational costs.</ahref="https:>

Hotels in the central Chinese city of Wuhan are now using QR codes that provide the cleaning history of linens. Microchips with QR codes are stitched into the corner of linens containing reservation and washing information. This chip technology offers a simple but effective solution for the hospitality industry to take control on outsourced laundry services.


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