Much more than just an exhibition

Interclean Amsterdam is the ultimate platform for industry leaders and cleaning professionals to network and find the latest innovations, services, and technologies. The show provides a comprehensive overview of the market and the latest trends and developments featuring many interesting events.

Amsterdam Innovation Award

The most innovative products on the market today are in the spotlight at the Interclean exhibition. The Amsterdam Innovation Award proudly supports the sector’s commitment to embrace change and promote innovation. By bringing all innovations together, we can create a blueprint for the future and inspire the world.

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Interclean Circle Run

This edition of Interclean Amsterdam is the first one to use all the halls of RAI Amsterdam. This means that you can walk around in a full circle! The Interclean Run celebrates this achievement. It allows you to explore the halls in a unique way, by running the full circle through the halls.

This run is sponsored by Mulberry.

Auping Refresh Lounge

Feel like you need a break? Visit the Auping refresh lounge and enjoy a fresh juice, a bite or have a powernap in one of the Auping beds. A 20 minute powernap will leave you feeling refreshed and awake!  

Healthcare Cleaning LAB

The Healthcare Cleaning LAB is where you find specific cleaning products and practises for the healthcare industry. The LAB features seminar sessions from professionals in this specific segment, and demonstrations of hygiene practises in a mini-hospital room! If this peeks your interest, be sure to check out the Healthcare Cleaning Forum, which is organised alongside Interclean Amsterdam.

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Facility Inspiration Event

The Facility Inspiration Event is a special daylong event organised by Interclean, in conjunction with leading consultancy company ATIR. The event is dedicated to inspiring facility managers to explore the opportunities available in implementing more efficient and environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions. 

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InnovationLAB and the Robot Arena

The InnovationLAB is an activity platform located in Hall 8 and will showcase all nominated products of the Amsterdam Innovation Award and visitors will be able to browse the individual nominees details via iPads. Throughout the show the stage will host seminars, workshops, debates and presentations. The sessions are free to attend and there is no need to sign up in advance.

The Robot Arena is a live product demonstration of robotic products in challenging test scenarios. 

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Lucart beer garden

Wind down after a long day of networking at the Lucart Beer garden. Be sure not to miss the Happy Hour, which lets you get 2 beers for the price of one.
Happy Hour is every Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday.

Stages programme

There are several seminar sessions that you can attend, which take place on four different stages: The Interclean stage, the InnovationLAB, the WasteLAB and the Healthcare CleaningLAB. Topics on stage include innovation, circular economy, regulations and new standards, globalization, e-cleaning and many more. The sessions will be given by top-level executives, technical experts and visionaries share their perspectives on the topics.

Young Cleaning Professionals (YPC)

Advance your career through business, networking, education and entertainment! The young professional programme is to designed for you to create a strong network, develop high-value relationships and build an industry profile. In addition, it provides opportunities to learn from industry leaders, as well as participate in events throughout the whole year. Meet leaders of the industry and other prominent figures to discuss developments and brainstorm about the future.

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ISSA Courses

The ISSA offers you the opportunity to follow two courses during Interclean Amsterdam: The Accredited Auditing Professional (AAP) and the Estimating Made Easy (EME). Both courses will not only grant you the skills you need to improve in your field of expertise, but they also come with a certificate!

Outdoor demo show

Bringing outdoor cleaning, window cleaning and high pressure cleaning to life. Demonstrations of street cleaning, ground maintenance and outside cleaning machines, as well as equipment for high pressure cleaning, window cleaning or powered access and aerial work machines and equipment. See, touch and test the machines and equipment yourself at the outside area in front of the building.

Zero Waste LAB

The ZeroWaste Foundation has developed its own method which involves companies being taken along on an expedition in their transition to a circular production method. Awareness, knowledge development and behavioural change are the keywords. From the start, the ‘anatomy of the bin bag’ has turned out to be an extremely popular formula (see below). During the expedition to zero waste the focus is on the four connected issues of people, logistics, technology and raw materials. Processes and behaviour are analysed per issue, goals are set and concrete measures formulated.

Anatomy of the bin bag
The interactive workshops during which a bin bag or container is analysed on the basis of a standard, representative quantity of (safe) commercial waste. The possibilities for sorting valuable raw materials from residual waste and saving options are also discussed. This ‘anatomy of the bin bag’ is a company's next step as it continues the process of habitual behaviour, goals and approach, on the way to achieving a zero waste situation and creating value.

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