Outstanding achievements in the field of innovation 

This year’s Innovation award acknowledges outstanding achievements in the field of innovation, divided into four new categories, the details of which can be found below. The products and solutions will be judged on their originality, practicality, sustainability, profitability and their impact on the industry. The Jury will elect one overall winner, and accredit 5 additional certificates. One per category, and one ‘visitors choice’ certificate. 

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Innovation Award

Category 1

  • Machines and related accessories
  • Outdoor cleaning machines and related accessories
  • Industrial cleaning machines and related accessories
  • High Pressure machines, equipment and related accessories
  • Steam cleaning machines, equipment and related accessories
  • On-Premise laundry machines and related accessories
  • Robotic machines and related accessories

Category 2

  • Equipment like mops, cloth and trolleys
  • Pest control equipment and related products
  • Laundry equipment and related accessories
  • Window and façade cleaning equipment and related accessories
  • Carwash equipment and related products
  • Chemicals, soaps, powders, agents, disinfection and care products
  • Air Freshener
  • Garbage and Feminine bins, bags and related products
  • Hand dryers
  • Paper products and dispensers
  • Soap dispensers
  • Other Washroom appliances

Category 3

  • Artificial Intelligence/ Augmented Reality
  • Big Data solutions, services and consultancy
  • IoT devices, security and consultancy
  • Workflow/Workforce Planning Management Software and Apps
  • Industry Specific Management Systems
  • Sensors and Beacons

Category 4

  • Cleaning Services
  • Components for manufacturing and maintenance
  • Consultancy on cleaning, contracts, tenders, etc.
  • Education training, certification and research
  • Laundry services
  • Measurement methods and products, quality solutions and services
  • Specialized cleaning services
  • Waste Management handling systems, equipment and services
  • Work wear and protective clothing

Last year's Innovation Award 

The most innovative products on the market today are in the spotlight at the Interclean Amsterdam exhibition. Last year’s Amsterdam Innovation Award received a record number of entries reflecting the sector’s commitment to embrace change and promote innovation. Hundred- and - ten innovations entered the competition together creating an inspiring blueprint for the future.

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Overall winner 2016

Augmented Reality: Suma Revoflow from Sealed Air Diversey Care

The jury has decided to give the overall winner prize to Augmented Reality:
Suma Revoflow from Diversey Care. This is exciting and inspiring technology that has not been seen in the professional cleaning sector before and it brings with it many opportunities and possibilities.

With the use of Augmented Reality facilities managers can perhaps go some way to tackling a number of the problems associated with the industry’s high employee turnover - which include training, knowledge transfer, development of skills and reduction of errors. The application can be used on mobile phones and tablets to self-train, self-troubleshoot and get remote support directly from Diversey Care. This brings many benefits in terms of reduced downtime, more skilled employees and cost-efficiency. And it has so many other potential applications for the future.

Overall winner

The jury

Pierre Deschamps Chief Editor Batiment Entretien – France
Dick van Zomeren Dutch industry expert and editor Servicemanagement- The Netherlands
Rob Geissler Publisher Sanitary Maintenance, Contracting Profits, Facility Cleaning Decisions – USA
Michelle Marshall Chair Chief Editor European Cleaning Journal - United Kingdom
Ton van der Riet Managing Director Senzora - The Netherlands
Reinhard Knittler Publisher Reinigungs Markt - Germany
Cor van der Velden Chief Expert at Skills Netherlands – The Netherlands
Antonio Borreda Director Revista Limpiezas - Spain

The proceeds of the Amsterdam Innovation Award 2018 go to: AMREF, A healthy future for girls in Kilindi (Tanzania)

Water is becoming scarcer and more polluted every day. Innovations are crucial, which is why Interclean Amsterdam supports them via the Amsterdam Innovation Award 2018. We are also committed to improving the wider world, and will therefore donate the registration fee ( per innovation entry) to AMREF Flying Doctors.

The project: A healthy future for girls in Kilindi!
In January 2016 Amref Flying Doctors started a project in Kilindi, a remote area in Tanzania, to improving the health of girls and young women by introducing the alternative rite of passage for female genital cutting and increasing the access to safe drinking water, good sanitation and hygiene.
The focus of the project is on the empowerment of young girls and decision makers in their community in order to:

  • reduce Female Genital Cutting (FGM) among girls in the Kilindi district (Tanzania);
  • reduce water-, hygiene and sanitation related diseases in communities by increasing access to clean and safe water and reliable sanitation facilities in households and schools;
  • improve knowledge, attitudes and practices of communities to prevent water and sanitation related diseases.
Amref - Flying Doctors Logo
Amref - Masai, Kenya, Mothers heading to clinic for immunisation
Amref - Masai, Kenya - Collecting water