Constitution of the Interclean Exhibition Committee

The Interclean Amsterdam Exhibition Committee is an advisory board, established in Interclean Amsterdam 's inaugural year 1967, and consists of executives of (exhibiting and visiting) companies and therewith acts as the voice and trend watchers of the global cleaning industry.

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Members exhibition committee

  • Ecolab - Bryan Maser, Switzerland
  • European Tissue Symposium - Fanis Papakostas, Italy
  • INPACS International Distribution Network - David Scholes, UK
  • IPC Ready System - Michele Redi, Italy
  • UK Truvox, David Overell
  • Vectair Systems - Paul Wonnacott, UK
  • Werner & Mertz Professional - Frank Vancraeyveld, Belgium/Germany
  • Wetrok - Thomas Kyburz, Switzerland

Delegation of RAI Amsterdam

  • Chairman: Bas Dalm, Netherlands - RAI Amsterdam
  • Rob den Hertog, Netherlands – RAI Amsterdam

Responsibilities of the Interclean Exhibition Committee

Every committee member has primarily an advisory and informative role and will be consulted for a variety of (strategic) issues which have impact on the Interclean Amsterdam show and its concept. The following subjects can be on the agenda:

  • Concept / Strategy / show development
  • Opening Hours, days
  • (New) Events
  • Special Items - theme presentations, seminars, opening
  • Marketing – (new) target audience
  • Exhibition Program
  • Conferences
  • Appointment of new Exhibition Committee members
  • Reporting / updates on important developments in the industry

These subjects will be addressed during each Exhibition Committee meeting, which are planned 3 times each year.

Membership policy of the Exhibition Committee

The committees members are invited by Amsterdam RAI, and appointed by the Interclean Amsterdam Amsterdam Exhibition Committee. Every 2 years, in September, a member(s) steps down after serving the committee for maximal 10 years / 5 editions, and a new member(s) are welcomed. The Committee is chaired by the Director International Exhibitions RAI Amsterdam, and is accompanied by the Manager and Product Manager of the Interclean Amsterdam project team.

The exhibiting members from the supplier side represent the exhibition program of Interclean Amsterdam Amsterdam of the following main segments:

  • Machines
  • Equipment
  • Detergents
  • Washroom
  • Related products/services

The members representing the demand side will have a background in the area of Cleaning Contracting and Facility Management.

New members are appointed and officially invited by RAI Amsterdam, based on advice and approval of all committee members.