Interclean Amsterdam brings you to
the heart of the professional cleaning industry

With cleaning products and solutions, inspiring sessions on cutting edge topics and the technology of the future, this is where you gain an overview of business opportunities in the professional cleaning industry. Discover the latest innovations and investment opportunities.
Be sure to save the date: 15 - 18 May 2018 in Amsterdam!

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Tuesday 15 May: 10.00 - 17.30
Wednesday 16 May: 10.00 - 17.30
Thursday 17 May: 10.00 - 17.30
Friday 18 May: 10.00 - 15.00


RAI Amsterdam
1078 GZ Amsterdam
The Netherlands


Until 8 May 2018 - FREE OF CHARGE
9 – 14 May 2018 -  €40.00 per person
15 – 18 May 2018 - €70.00 per person


On 16th May a new event will take place alongside Interclean: Healthcare Cleaning Forum

Plan how your show will go


Plan your Interclean show

Be clear about what you want to achieve

Be clear about what you want to achieve. Whether you want to find new products, services or simply explore new technologies or ideas in your sector, you need to have an idea of why you’re attending a trade show. That will tell you whether you need to spend your time with exhibitors, watching expert talks or in breakout sessions with industry peers. And from there, you can begin to plan how your show will go.

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Prioritise the exhibits and sessions that matter to your business

Your first task is to explore the list of exhibitors, displays, speakers, forums and breakout sessions available at an event. Identify which ones appeal to you most, and make a list of them in priority order. There’s no set way of doing this – you simply have to have a rough idea of which ones you believe you can afford to drop if there’s a clash or your priorities change. 

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Map out your route on the event's floor plan

With most trade shows spread out over a number of rooms and floors, it can be easy to find yourself walking backwards and forwards unnecessarily to see the exhibits on your priority list. Plan a logical route between each stand on the floor plan, and you’ll make your day far more productive by reducing the time you spend walking around – not to mention the amount you’ll tire yourself out doing so. 

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Work out how much time you actually have

Make appointments and don’t plan your schedule with one exhibit after another. What happens if you want to spend more time talking to a potential supplier, or your next session is in a completely separate hall? Make sure you give yourself the right amount of time to engage with exhibits, and factor in the travel time between stands


Know what's for lunch and after show activities

You don’t actually have to know meal specifics, but make sure you allocate yourself time for breaks, drinks and food. Events bring long days, and it’s easy to get caught up in the show. However, you still need to take on fluids and replenish your energy if you want to be truly productive. Oh, and business lunches are an excellent way to network with other attendees or meet up with other business. 


The best place to find all the solutions you need

The exhibition covers eleven halls and hosts over 800 exhibitor. In other words, you will be sure to find all the latest developments in your specific professional field of expertise. And there is more; a number of specially curated seminars, demonstration zones and events, which are hosted on the showfloor. All of these will enrich your understanding of the technology and trends that are currently driving the industry.


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