Sessions Interclean Amsterdam 2022

Sustainability in the chain, we have to change! - Christel Simmelink
Stimulating data-driven cleaning contract management - Menno van Leeuwen & Stephan Simons
Towards meaningful robot-assisted work - David Abbink
Zero Waste Foundation - Cor Gerritsen
Debate: Automated Room disinfection - the pros and cons of UVC - Boudewijn Hamersma, Jacob S. Niclassen & Joseph Nazareth
Sustainability in the chain, not a USP but a must! - Joris de Schepper
Better building at lower cost by data-driven twin operations - Robert Rosier
Look beyond what you're doing now! - Mike van Rijswijk
Zero Waste Foundation - Cor Gerritsen
Debate: ‘It’s all up in the Air’ - on the importance of clean air and what we can do to improve it - Cyril Crawford, Kieran McBrien & Prof. Daniel Bonn
Debate: The pros and cons of single and reusable wipes and protective clothing in healthcare - Ruth Helena Engqvist
Cleaning and ergonomics: analyzing through on-body sensors, assisting through exoskeletons - Nicolas Vignais

Sessions Healthcare Cleaning Forum 2022

Looking beyond COVID-19 - Prof. Didier Pittet
Evidence-based interventions for improving patient safety - Alexandra Peters
New guidelines for a new era of environmental hygiene - Martin Kiernan, MSc
The hospital environment as a source of Pseudomonas infections - Juliëtte Severin
Why we need innovation in environmental hygiene and how to foster it - Pierre Parneix
The elephant in the room: how to balance sustainability with the need for efficacy and convenience - Tracey Gauci
Cleaning without detergents, is it safe? - Kristel Rietveld & Paul Harleman
Cleaning and infection prevention - the importance of partnership - Christian Fischer & Yvonne Taylor
Biofilm, the next challenge in Infection Prevention - Claire Khosravi & Dr. Ian K Hosein
Round table with IPC experts