Category winners


On the third day of Interclean Amsterdam Online, the winner of the Amsterdam Innovation Award and visitor choice were announced! The winners challenge the status quo to deliver obvious improvements for cleaning and you will find more information about the winning products on this page.

The overall winner - Leobot by Lionsbot International

The jury voted Leobot by Lionsbot as the winner of this category, because the family of floor cleaning robots is capable of performing a range of tasks. This socialised robot is able to build a relationship with human cleaners through continuous interaction with the environment. This way, Leobot elevates the cleaner’s status and motivation helping them take pride in their job. The robot brings cleaning out into the public domain in a fun and positive way.

Visitors Choice - TORK Virtual Reality Clean Hands Training

The jury was highly impressed by this user-friendly method of maintaining hand hygiene compliance in healthcare settings. The accessibility of ensuring ongoing training on-site in order to improve standards is a true innovation. The Virtual Reality approach is essential to stimulate behavioral change in a fun and engaging way. It is the perfect solution for the well-recognised need to educate people worldwide on hand hygiene.