Improving sustainability in the Cleaning and Hygiene industry

With less than 12 years to avert a climate catastrophe, providers in the professional cleaning and hygiene industry have a responsibility to build sustainability into everything they do. Every product, solution and system they develop needs work in a way that minimises the consumption of resources and generates a positive impact on our fragile planet.

Interclean Amsterdam 2020 will bring sustainability to the forefront of this year’s show, demonstrating how the Circular Economy will touch on every area of the professional cleaning and hygiene industry.

The role of eco-labels for the industry

The amount of companies that are actively trying to become more eco-friendly is still rising, which is not surprising considering the positive impact it has on the environment and the companies themselves. A good way to recognise a company that is eco-friendly is its eco-label. An eco-label identifies products or services proven to be environmentally preferable overall.

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Eco-friendly products will be put in the spotlight

Ecolabelling has emerged as an essential way for companies to differentiate between the products with the backing of industry experts and those that don’t. The show will be boasting an array of companies and sustainability initiatives, that demonstrate how exhibitors and visitors alike can take their place at the forefront of eco-friendly operations in the professional cleaning and hygiene industry.

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Which exhibitors are Future Proof?

We have selected all the companies with a certified-ecolabel

Achieving the goal of Sustainable development

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development provides a shared blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet, now and into the future. At its heart are the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Interclean focusses mainly on the topics where the Cleaning and Hygiene industry can make a difference. Below are the six SDGs Interclean focusses on to improve sustainability in the Cleaning and Hygiene industry.

Good Health & Well-being

Interclean supports Amref and shares news to inform many countries on new sanitation project and tools to improve the health and well-being of humans. The special Healthcare Cleaning Forum contributes to informing different parties about the importance of cleaning and hygiene and how it helps to prevent diseases and infections.

Clean Water & Sanitation

Interclean has approximately 200 exhibitors who provide sanitation solutions.

Sanitation refers to public health conditions related to clean drinking water and adequate treatment and disposal of human excreta and sewage. Preventing human contact with faeces is part of sanitation, as is handwashing with soap.

Innovation & Infrastructure

The Amsterdam Innovation Award highlights the most innovative solutions around. The knowledge program fuels innovation and the presentations give a great overview of the industry which supports its professionalism and innovation capabilities.

''If we use technology, nature and our resourcefulness in smart ways, then we will create an endless stream of new solutions for the Cleaning and Hygiene industry.''


Sustainable Communities

The role of professional cleaning and hygiene on display at Interclean is a big part of sustainable cities and communities.

One of the criteria that is important to be awarded for the Amsterdam Innovation Award is sustainability. This criterion is not only applicable to the product or service, but it also reflects the production process if it is produced using environmentally friendly materials.


Consumption & Production

RAI catering tries to prevent food waste by re-using the remaining products, doing research to monitor what remains with the lunch items to adjust the production and using food boxes so people can take their left-overs.

If there is food left from an exhibition, it goes to the employee restaurant or RAI donates it to a food aid programme.


Partnerships to achieve the goal

Interclean facilitates meetings between individuals, companies and organisations. As a result, many new business relations lead to better businesses, products, services and solutions.

Interclean is open, approachable and entrepreneurial and always looking for new partnerships.