The Interclean Exhibition Committee

The Interclean Amsterdam Exhibition Committee is our show advisory board, and consists of executives of (exhibiting and visiting) companies and therewith acts as the voice and trend watchers of the global cleaning industry.

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The International Jury of the Amsterdam Innovation Award

Since 1996 the International Jury of the Amsterdam Innovation Award has been working to select and reward the best innovations in the cleaning industry. The Awards were given to the latest and most impressive products and systems, designed to encounter and facilitate customer's everyday lives.

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The Healthcare Cleaning Forum executive committee

The HCF is a platform for healthcare experts, cleaning experts, hospital managers and industry to meet productively. The conference aimed to summarize the state-of-the-art knowledge in the field, create awareness and dialogue, challenge dogma and begin to shape a research agenda for developing the field of hospital hygiene and environmental control.

The HCF executive committee is in charge of the HCF programme, schedule, content and workshops.

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