Ways to participate

Have we sparked your interest to participate? On this page you will find an overview of the stand rates at Interclean Amsterdam.
There are many possibilities and we are happy to create a suitable package for you.

Regular rates per sqm

Excl. registration fee and stand construction (valid from 6 November 2020)

Stand type



Stand type Wall stand € 317.00 € 307.00
Stand type Corner stand € 330.00 € 320.00
Stand type Front stand € 340.00 € 330.00
Stand type Island stand € 345.00 € 335.00

New for 2022: Modular stand design packages

This edition we are introducing new stand packages; the boost and impact packages.

Would you like some extra Impact or Boost, check out the 'Extra' packages.

Modular stand design packages are compulsory for all stands from 17 m2 up to 30 m2.

  • Boost € 250.00 per m2
  • Extra boost € 345.00 per m2
  • Impact € 300.00 per m2
  • Extra impact € 390.00 per m2

Receive more detailed information about the stand options and pricing 

Exclusive onsite booking benefits

  • First right to reclaim your current stand position or indicate a preference for a new stand location
  • 30 days withdrawal

Larger stand are eligible for a volume discount on the space only rates on all meters above the following:

  • 3% discount on stands larger than 100 m2
  • 5% discount on stands larger than 200 m2
  • 10% discount on stands larger than 500 m2

Shell scheme (compulsory for exhibition space under 17 sqm.)

  • Basic stand construction: € 68.00 per m(walls, carpet, fascia board, electricity, lighting and daily cleaning)
  • All-in stand construction: € 114.00 per m2
    (basic package + storage, lockable counter, table and chairs)

Stand allocation procedure

  • All exhibitors from the one-time 2020 November edition, that needed to move due to the hall configuration, can rebook their 2020 stand location conform the floorplan of March 12, 2020, for the 2022 edition during the show.

  • New and existing exhibitors can indicate a preference for a new stand location and/or a different stand size. All stand locations that have not been rebooked, will be allocated based on a Loyalty Ranking system. 

Receive more detailed information about the stand options and pricing