Healthcare Cleaning Forum MENA Regional Conference program announced

Monday, 21 January 2019

One of the major new events taking place at Interclean Istanbul 2019 is the introduction of the Healthcare Cleaning Forum MENA Regional Program. Featuring expert guest speakers and interactive workshops, the programme for the forum is set to attract leading experts and practitioners from the healthcare sector.

Interclean Istanbul will welcome an exclusive first to its exhibition halls when the show opens on 10 April – the Healthcare Cleaning Forum MENA Regional Program. An exciting addition to this year’s edition of the region’s leading professional cleaning and hygiene event, the forum will bring together top experts and professionals from the healthcare sector to explore the key challenges facing healthcare cleaning.

Building on the success of Amsterdam
The Healthcare Cleaning Forum MENA Regional Program will follow in the footsteps of the International Healthcare Cleaning Forum at Interclean Amsterdam 2018. This first-ever Forum attracted 300 professionals from 46 countries.

The MENA Regional Conference will be set over two days – Wednesday 10 April and Thursday 11 April. The first day will be packed with expert insight from the industry’s finest minds.
The second day will offer visitors the chance to take part in two workshops designed to help organisations gain a better practical understanding of how healthcare cleaning impacts them.

Sharing the expertise professionals need
Day one of the MENA Regional Conference will see five amazing expert speakers take to the floor to discuss areas of importance for healthcare cleaning professionals and their organisations. This includes Professor Emine Alp, Turkey’s Deputy Minister of Health, who will talk about infection prevention and control in the region; Professor Didier Pittet, who will present a practical healthcare cleaning model in WHO Clean Care is Safe Care; Ms Alexandra Peters, who will look at the Clean Hospitals initiative; Dr Jon Otter, who will help professionals count the cost and value of hospital cleaning and disinfection; and Ms Ermira Tartari, who will share data on international approaches to cleaning and disinfection.

There will also be a global Q&A session – as well as a chance for delegates to visit the Healthcare Cleaning Lab for demonstrations and further insight.

The second day of the conference will feature two workshops that encourage delegates to discover more about some of the topics covered during the first day. The first workshop’s title is ‘WHO My 5 moments for hand hygiene,’ will be led by Professor Didier Pettit and Ermira Tartari, and will include a Q&A section. The second workshop will be ‘Cleaning and Hygiene, cost and value,’ led by Dr Jon Otter and Alexandra Peters.

The full program available now
Interclean Istanbul and the Healthcare Cleaning Forum MENA Regional Program will offer professionals from across the region an ideal opportunity to explore their challenges and discover solutions.

Discover the full MENA Regional Program sessions