Tuesday, 03 November 2020

Interclean Amsterdam Online looking forward to tomorrow

Today was the first day of Interclean Amsterdam Online. With over 20 sessions, the platform already welcomed more than 2,500 participants from 84 countries, joining an average of 3 sessions during this 100% virtual event. It shows our industry is ready to adapt to the new reality, and is looking for ways to share knowledge, gather, and connect with eachother.

View the recap of the first day:

Tomorrow starts with the Healthcare Cleaning Forum:

The Healthcare Cleaning Forum with Prof Didier Pittet and Dr Pierre Parneix, from the WHO, will update us on COVID-19, healthcare environmental hygiene, how to measure quality and elaborate why measuring quality matters.

It will address the healthcare-associated infections are responsible for millions of deaths every year and affect hundreds of millions of patients. During a pandemic, the situation becomes even more dire, as attention is shifted to the emergency at hand, often at a high cost to patents and healthcare workers.

Welcome to Pretopia, the decade of delivery

Stefaan Vandist takes us on board for a future exploration. He invites us to look forward into the ‘transformative twenties’, identify drivers of change and anticipate on post-Covid opportunities. In the end of his talk, a set of innovation boulevards are open to grasp.

How can data-driven cleaning secure the new hygiene standard?

Higher than ever cleaning standards are calling for new ways of working. How do you deal with increased demands without more cleaning staff? Learn how data-driven cleaning and real-time insights help you drive more efficient cleaning routines and boost quality.

Selecting hygiene products in a pandemic: the importance of formulation

Hand sanitiser has become the most in-demand product of 2020, with soap not far behind. But what has this pandemic taught us about the importance of product formulation, and its impact on effective hand hygiene?