Press release Interclean Amsterdam

A new reality where everything has changed except for cleaning

Friday, 23 October 2020

Interclean Amsterdam online will unite the strengths of our industry by bringing cross-sector knowledge and expertise and by bringing a clear picture of what the future will look like. Everything on 3-6 November will evolve around business relationship service, innovation and knowledge transfer. Some of the highlights of the programme:

The Healthcare Cleaning Forum led by Prof. Didier Pittet and Dr. Pierre Parneix from WHO, will offer you an unique opportunity to interact with these leading experts. Healthcare environmental hygiene is a crucial building block in slowing this pandemic and preventing SARS CoV-2 from being spread during the delivery of healthcare. Though the pandemic has greatly increased focus on social distancing, hand hygiene and wearing masks, environmental hygiene is an often-neglected aspect of infection prevention.

The Future of Facility Management by trend watcher Richard van Hooijdonk, will touch base upon questions such as: What is the impact of new technology on our way of living, working and entrepreneurship? With COVID-19 the world has already changed due to the “new reality”. What does this entail and how can organizations successfully adapt?

Best practices in Sustainability 

A.I.S.E. have created an ambitious policy on packaging use as well as cross-referencing to Corporate Social Responsibility and the use of bio-based material. Other sessions in the same interest; How to make more impact with cleaning and a sustainable business case.

Digitalization and Robotization Industry Insight

Digitalisation and robotization are finding its way into the cleaning industry at a rapid pace. But what does this mean for the cleaning contractors and cleaners? Are they already seeing software, cleaning apps, robots and sensor in every corner? How far is the industry really when it comes to digitalisation and robotization. Cleaning industry frontiers sharing their expertise

Industry frontiers sharing expertise

Many cleaning industry frontiers will share their expertise in sessions like: Selecting hygiene products in a pandemic: the importance of formulation; What will hand hygiene look like in the new normal?; How can data-driven cleaning secure the new hygiene standard?; Can VR make hospitals safer? At the end of every session there will be an opportunity for a live chat with the experts and the session participants.

Intelligent software for spontaneous meetings

The current challenge has only made us more committed in fulfilling our role as the meeting place for hygiene professionals, an advanced business matchmaking service is ready and available for everybody joining the show. Intelligent software stimulates the opportunity for doing business. All registered visitors will get recommendations on interesting companies and individuals (exhibitors and visitors) as an extensive AI system matches the interest and field of expertise. Matches will receive an invitation to connect, however only after both persons accept the invitations, people can chat and make appointments. The innovations and new products that match your profile will be proposed and shown first to make your selection and schedule even more efficient. Next to the automated matches, you can also browse the system yourself for connections, innovations and companies based on interests or simple go through the list of companies that are represented online.