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The crucial role of cleaners in waste management

Thursday, 13 January 2022

Recycling possibilities are expanding

Waste in companies is produced every day in many types and quantities. A growing number of companies also separate their waste into increasingly different streams. It used to be mainly paper and cardboard, but nowadays other components are also more often offered separately, such as plastic, organic waste, batteries and glass (which we all know from household waste), company-specific flows (e.g. wooden pallets) but also completely new flows such as coffee grounds, orange peels , toner cartridges or plastic clothes hangers. The number of streams to be recycled will only increase in the coming years, for example paper towels from the sanitary room for making toilet paper.

The crucial role of cleaners in waste management

Maximum recycling requires pure 'raw material' flows: each flow must be separated pure, kept pure and presented pure for collection and transport to the recycling industry. Cleaners play a crucial role in this: they are active throughout the company, from the office to the canteen, from the sanitary room to the stairwell, from the boardroom to the reception. As a result, in addition to the executive tasks, the cleaning services are also perfectly able to view waste separation with an analytical view and actively contribute to optimization and expansion, such as: supervision of sustainable solutions, data management and logistics
  • advice (for example on the choice of environmental equipment)
  • identification and registration of waste and raw materials collection
  • manage/operate environmental equipment/containers, internal logistics resources, etc.
  • inspection and feedback

The sustainable deployment of cleaning companies is therefore not only limited to their own activities, but also supports the sustainability ambitions of the company they provide services to.

The Zero Waste Foundation (ZWF)

The Zero Waste Foundation focuses on reducing waste by companies, with an emphasis on waste, energy and water and supports cleaning companies. As in the previous two Interclean editions in the RAI-Amsterdam, the ZWF will further explain this crucial role of cleaners in waste management by means of lectures and by presenting expert companies in the field of waste separation at Interclean’s ZeroWaste Dome.


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