are dirty office kitchens causing workplace dissatisfaction
Sunday, 17 February 2019

are dirty office kitchens causing workplace dissatisfaction

The professional division of Miele researched that dirty kitchen offices cause dissatisfaction within the organisation. 

Some companies are even facing difficulties recruiting new talent when they are unable to provide high quality cleanliness in workplace kitchen facilities. 

Dirty office kitchens also seem to be affecting job satisfaction and relationships between employees. The biggest irritations come from overflowing bins, dirty appliances and grimy work surfaces and therefore employees feel disgusted with their colleagues. 

“For many offices and workers throughout the UK the kitchen is a hive of activity and the heart of the business. The fact that only a third of UK offices have a dishwasher highlights the need for quality and reliable appliances to help to make life easier for staff and ensure dirty dishes are returned clean." Explained Sam Bailey, Sales & Marketing Director for the Professional Division of Miele.

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