How wil drone window cleaning change your business?
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How will drone window cleaning change your business?

Tuesday, 10 November 2020

Cleaning the windows has never been an easy task. With the implementation of Window Cleaning drones, building maintenance will become more efficient and safer. Window Cleaning drones will ensure a safe work environment without ropes and scaffolding. In this article we will focus more on how drones can change the industry.

Drones can range greatly in size, capabilities and cost. And the world market for this technology has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years. With such investment taking place, it’s clear the global cleaning and hygiene industry is taking notice. This includes the aircraft, the control station and the communication link, not just the vehicle itself.

What are the benefits of drone window cleaning

Drones have long since ceased to be toys, but very serious devices that carry out inspections, can save human lives or perform cleaning in dangerous places. The drone makes the inspection faster and cheaper than people and with the software defects can be recognised immediately.

There is a large circuit of people who fly drones for hobby or work. Think, for example, of photographers. All these drones have an important similarity. They are small, fly on a battery and can carry a limited load. Cleaning drones have a completely different concept. They are quite large, only fly for fifteen minutes on a battery and are therefore usually connected to the ground for the power supply, and most importantly: they can carry a load of 145 kg. This offers unprecedented possibilities.

Cleaning has been done manually so far. That is an expensive and dangerous job. A scaffolding is being built with a bridge to the blades. In addition, two people spend a few days cleaning the three or four blades. That costs about € 10,000 per day per mill, especially if additional transport costs are added by plane to get the materials to the site worldwide. Another method is to do windmill cleaning with a helicopter, expensive and not without significant risk. With a drone, you can do this work without any set-up and dismantling extremely safely in about an hour and a half.

How standards will affect drone window cleaning

Companies from the industry are looking for the technology and future of drones. What options, but also what dangers lie for the business? Although drones are becoming increasingly affordable, the technology is refining, the applications are broadening, the rules are also tightening. is precisely this growth and possibilities (and the associated risks) that have not passed ISO.

This not only concerns restrictions on the use of drones near airports and in the vicinity of people and traffic flows such as cars, for the control of drones you also need to be a certified "pilot".

International Standards are critical in creating the global commercial market that many publicise widely. It is vital that these standards bring about a globally harmonised airspace for routine UAS access that will expand the commercial opportunities without compromising on safety and overall airspace efficiency.

The use of ISO/TC20 as the prime platform for developing international standards will significantly reduce cost to the industry, save the very valuable and limited resources of industry experts from participating in redundant standardisation activities at different levels, and eventually reduce the overall quantity of aerospace standards.

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