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Exhibitor in the spotlight: Triooo Technology

Thursday, 14 January 2021

China has become an important market for the cleaning and hygiene industry with companies bringing quality products and innovations to the market. In preparation for Interclean China, to be held in Beijing April 19-21, 2021, we'll take a look into the future of the industry with professional exhibitors participating in the event in April 2021.

In today's interview, Triooo Technology shares its view on what the future holds for the cleaning and hygiene industry. The company builds intelligent commercial cleaning robot and work with talents from various technology areas, such as robotics design, sensor fusion and intelligent path planning. They aim to achieve automated and standardized cleaning, offer brand new service model and lead the cleaning innovation by providing efficient, aesthetic and eco-friendly cleaning systems.

What are the major challenges that organizations in your sector face?

The challenge depends on how to define our sector. If we defined our product broadly, Triooo belongs to cleaning equipment sector, which is facing the challenge of labor shortage and aging of the population. Lighter, smarter and more handy equipment are desperately needed. But if we define Triooo as a cleaning robot company, all those challenges become opportunity. Our mission is releasing people from heavy, dirty, dull burdens with artificial intelligence. Then, our challenge remains as how to make smart robots even smarter and people can enjoy their life.

How is new technology helping you to overcome these challenges?

Since industrial revolution, for hundreds of years, better machinery has been invented to improve efficiency and safety for people, vacuum cleaners for home and scrubbers for commercial space have helped households and cleaning workers for decades. But that’s not enough. Autonomous driving technology has enabled cleaning machinery to run and work by themselves. Development of sensors, such as Lidar, depth camera, infrared camera builds eyes and ears and SLAM technology has made robots smarter, so that they are reliable to work for us.

What trends for the last couple of years have become mainstream in your company?

In the past, scrubbers are sometimes called automatic scrubbers, but actually needs people to drive. In the recent years, these people-driving-scrubbers are more frequently called traditional scrubbers and word automatic is usually refer to self-driving equipment. This is an interesting change in the cleaning industry.

What trends do you think will dominate your sector in 2021-2022?

More leading cleaning machinery companies are squeezing into robotic industry. In 2021-2022, many new models of cleaning robots will show up in the market. Users and media may still have doubts and complaints about the clumsiness for a while, just like the smart phone in 2009-2010, but they will soon prevail.

How important is sustainability to your organization?

Comparing to traditional man-driving equipment, self-driving cleaning robots are smarter and more flexible in cleaning route planning, which result to less energy, water and detergent consumption, and robots are even smaller in size and has longer working hours, so less material are used to build cleaning equipment. All those factors are environment friendly and designed for sustainability.

What impact is digitalization having on your sector?

Robots are born to be digitalized, and our clients are fully supported by digitalized and cloud-based solutions. While robots are cleaning commercial spaces automatically, users can control them and monitor their working progress on smart phone or tablets. All the software updates will be done automatically via internet to robots. Users’ workloads are minimized.

Which single piece of technology are you most excited about for the future?

Autonomous driving may be a fancy word that has been talked about for years, but self-driving robots in the indoor and controlled environment is already a commercialized technology. With better sensors and better algorithms, our robots will further evolve.

Is there something we have missed, but you want to share about your company?

We are already on the flight to AI age, please fasten your seat belt.

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