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Exhibitor in the Spotlight: Shandong Jinyijie Cleaning Products

Monday, 8 March 2021

China has become an important market for the cleaning and hygiene industry with companies bringing quality products and innovations to the market. In preparation for Interclean China, to be held in Beijing April 19-21, 2021, we'll take a look into the future of the industry with professional exhibitors participating in the event in April 2021.

In this Exhibitor In The Spotlight, we asked Shandong Jinyijie Cleaning Products how they respond to current trends and developments in the industry.

What are the major challenges that organisations in your sector face?

We are in an era of change. The foundation of what we have traditionally understood is facing enormous challenges, forcing us to gain more leading edge knowledge before the changes come. The pace of change, both within the company and across the industry, is accelerating and unprecedented. Since the odds are fleeting, Easy Clean will bravely keep up with time.

How is new technology helping you to overcome these challenges?

It is the era of innovation, Easy Clean will invest a lot in technology to develop a self-sanitizing vehicle for the real estate cleaning industry, which will almost replace the use of a variety of cleaning agents, so that the purchase cost will decrease significantly. I think it will also make a great contribution to environmental protection, to lead the development of the cleaning industry.

What trends from the last couple of years have become mainstream in your company?

We want to involve everyone in learning and training to be a better person to keep up with the development of the company. And the most important thing we have realized is that we need to support more and more customers to become more powerful and contribute more to the cleaning industry. The main orientation that we don't have is to research and develop more and more environmentally friendly and healthier products to support more consumers, bring more safety and convenience into their lives.

What trends do you think will dominate your sector in 2021-2022?

I sincerely wish that the epidemic that is still spreading around the world can be controlled as soon as possible. In the course of the year 2021-2022, I think under the premise of environmental protection, more effective sterilization cleaning tools and antivirus will be developed based on the concept of environmental protection, safety and health.

How important is sustainability to your organisation?

As a founder of a company, I have a very strong desire to make a longer and deeper development of the company. The primary task is to upgrade the management of the enterprise, to give our staff more opportunities to learn and grow, to develop and innovate products, and to continue to contribute to the development of the cleaning industry and human society, so as to give the company lasting vitality.

What impact is digitalisation having on your sector?

As more and more traditional companies were involved in Internet data fusion, the original stratified management cannot be adapted to the development of enterprises. They are all looking for transformation to make more progress. Digital transformation has now become a trend, some companies developed smoothly as the digital transformation evolved, but others were hit by all kinds of difficulties. It's a great job that should be customer focused first of all, then middle management will be defined as a commander, to carry out extensive renovation of staff structure and sales model, interact online and offline, finally cross-field collaboration so that the company is not only a traditional company, but also an Internet company.

Which single piece of technology are you most excited about for the future?

A clean industry must be developed in the direction of technology and intelligence. Easy Clean has applied advanced technology to clean vehicles, a solution that can replace almost a variety of cleaning agents, making them more convenient and safer, and also adopt energy-saving technology. It is the innovative way of Easy Clean.

Is there something we have missed that you’d like to share about your company?

Refer to the missed opportunities, there may be some in recent years. We've focused too much on internal team building to miss market research analysis. Reduced customer management and maintenance results in an incomplete understanding of the market and we lose some. In 2021 we will set up a new strategy, aiming for a greater contribution from the cleaning industry to society.

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