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This was: Interclean China Innovation Sessions 2022

Friday, 25 November 2022

China’s cleaning industry is rapidly developing. Partly caused by the pandemic and the need for stricter hygienic measures, but also because of the strong technological developments. In a series of three online Interclean China Innovation Sessions we spoke with experts in the fields of Robotics & AI, Machines and Equipment about the latest developments in China.

Robotics & AI

During the first Innovation Session mr. Yang Shen, founder and CEO of BLANIDAS Beijing Cleaning Technology, has told us more about cleaning robots in China. “When we talk about developments in cleaning robots, we talk about a combination of the know-how of two fields: cleaning and robotics. I think the advantage Chinese manufacturers have is that China is quite well developed in robotics and technology, for instance in consumer electronics. We can build a product very quickly. Some of this know-how has now been transferred to the field of cleaning robots.”

Four companies from China presented their latest cleaning robots:


The second Innovation Session was themed machines. During this session we spoke with mr. Richard Chen, general manager of Intelli Inct. “I can briefly talk about developments in cleaning machines for industry equipment. For example in a beverage factory, the inside of the bottles needs to be cleaned. In the past this was cleaned through a high pressure water gun. Now we can use electrostatic equipment. The advantage is not only saving the waste of water, but also the reduced costs.”

Four companies from China presented their latest cleaning machines:


At the third Innovation Session we spoke with mr. Wang Xinpeng, national marketing director of Beijing Sanhe Chenguang Property Management, about cleaning equipment. “Developments in the recent years come from three aspects: number one is to follow the international performance models according to the areas work efficiency and service qualities, instead of the mainstream models that focus on the number of people. Number two is software-based information management, for instance for employees, materials and finances. Number three is the use of commercial cleaning robots.”

Four companies from China presented their latest cleaning equipment:

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