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A safer way forward: the critical importance of food safety [Whitepaper]

Wednesday, 13 September 2023

Food safety is not just an option but a critical necessity in the food service industry. Not only is it an essential component of nutrition and food security, it contributes directly to people’s health and wellbeing, by preventing and reducing the burden of diseases associated with food. In the highly competitive and fast-paced environment of the food service sector, one fundamental element supersedes all others - food safety. Guaranteeing the safety of the food served to customers is not just a legal and regulatory requirement; it is an ethical obligation and a key factor in determining the success of a food service business.

Interclean's latest white paper "A safer way forward: The critical importance of food safety" zooms in on the role cleaning, hygiene and sanitation play in maintaining, implementing, and improving food safety standards in the food service industry.

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Including the following topics:

  • It's a team effort: A global holistic focus on food safety during Food Safety Awareness Month
  • Sink or swim: Adjusting to the brave new food service world after Covid-19
  • Cutting costs without cutting corners: Managing inflationary pressures in the food service industry
  • Food safety scandals which rocked the food service industry
  • Back to basics: The fundamentals of food safety
  • Common cleaning and hygiene
  • The long arm of the law: food safety compliance and regulation
  • Instilling the basics: Developing a strong food safety culture
  • Powered by your people: The importance of staff training
  • Rise of the robots: Harnessing innovation and automation for optimised food safety
  • Co-operation is key: Strengthening partnerships for optimal food safety
  • 5 Case Studies
  • Exciting developments on the horizon: What does the future hold for food safety?

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