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Friday, 15 April 2022

Article by Atir

We spoke with Stephan Simons, keynote speaker on the Facility Inspiration Event, about the role of data-driven performance management.

Taking contract management to the next level. How can we do that? In the run-up to Interclean’s Facility Inspiration Event on 12 May at RAI Amsterdam, we are talking to Stephan Simons who is a keynote speaker on Wednesday 11 May together with Menno van Leeuwen.

What is the value of digitisation for the Facility Manager?

Stephan: "The need of Facility Managers for insight and transparency is growing. Contract management is being given a more and more prominent role within organisations and the time that the paper contract remains in a drawer untouched turns out to be more and more something of the past.

The change to the digital era has meant that these days there are very many ways of managing a contract sustainably and digitally. The facility manager is often overloaded with data coming from various sources based on which information can be obtained in the contracts. A great development, but, at the same time, also a challenge because how can we convert all these different data sources into useful information. That is, information based on which you get insight in real time or otherwise into contracts and you can monitor and adjust. How can you start a dialogue with your suppliers to achieve improvements and to arrive at an optimal situation for all stakeholders? The need for transparency and standardisation is growing so that data also actually shows the situation as it really is and provides insight into the results from whatever dimension that may be. Regardless of whether that is driven from finances, quality, experience, output, response or something else.”

How should we deal with this process?

Stephan: "Data and digitisation should already be a theme for negotiations when determining the strategy for procuring contracts or recontracting. So that you are ready for it during the execution of the contract and contract management and also to actually be able to do something with the data. By answering various questions during the strategy phase, it becomes clear how data should be a part of the new cooperation between you, as the client, and your supplier.

A few examples of these questions are: Which data do we want to digitise? How will we digitise? How will we collect the data? Which agreements should we be making in relation to the cooperation with partners? Which agreements should we make to guarantee information is not lost before, during, but also most certainly after a contract has ended?"

We have noticed that clients who really get going with digitisation and standardisation of data in their facility contracts, including in the cleaning sector, take contract management to the next level. In addition, it has turned out that a lot of additional value can be achieved by creating links with processes of the client, for example, with existing Facility Management Information Systems. These links, transparency and insight ensure processes within our own organisations can be configured even more efficiently.”

Keen to know more?

Would you like to know more about data-driven performance management and how to take it to a higher level? Menno and Stephan would like to take participants in the Facility Inspiration Event further in relation to their vision of sustainable connections, digitisation and real time information and the contribution to transparency and data-driven performance management on Wednesday, 11 May.

Stephan Simons, visionary data-driven performance management GRIP Facility
Menno van Leeuwen, founder of Mennovation, strategic and pragmatic support to accelerate sustainability, innovation and finance
Keynote: Stimulating data-driven cleaning contract management


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