Sensor based cleaning with EviSense® (sponsored)

Wednesday, 13 April 2022

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Now we clean.
EviSense®- Sensor based cleaning

EviSense® is a digital sensor unit, easily clipped on the new Swep handles, that lifts customers to a new level of success. Now they evidence that cleaning tasks have been accomplished. Now they provide guidance and support to cleaners and supervisors. In a nutshell: Now we clean.

Alongside the development of the new Swep-class was the question: How can we lift our partners to a new level of success ¬– to the expression “now we clean”?

Imagine just checking your mobile phone to see if all cleaning jobs have been accomplished or simply giving guidance and support. This is EviSense® – a digital sensor unit that can be easily clipped onto the new Swep-class handle.

EviSense® connects and communicates with each mop and room, supporting cleaners by advising them when to change mops and indicating which rooms have been cleaned, when they were cleaned and what jobs are remaining.

EviSense® – optimized cleaning processes at all levels.

  • EviSense® provides real time proof of work: which rooms have been cleaned, when and how
  • EviSense® supports cleaners to get better every day by guided learning on the job
  • EviSense® is easy to install and requires no training
  • EviSense® guarantees safe, secure und GDPR compliant data without interfering with IT infrastructure of the building
  • EviSense® is not a control tool. Data are not linked to cleaning operators but fully anonymized

EviSense® – supercharged for professionals.

EviSense® is smart: The powerful CPU controls all components, hosts comprehensive algorithms, and sends all data to the iQonnect mobile application.

EviSense® is powerful: The long-life battery powers our unit to function at 100% during a full 8-hour shift.

EviSense® is sensoric: Motion sensors, gyroscope, magnetometer, and temperature sensors provide the CPU with a full picture of how handle and mop are being used.

EviSense® is exact: RFID technology precisely self-locates the handle indoors and detects which mop is on frame.

EviSense® is connected: State-of-the-art IoT communication – NB-IoT and LTE-M enable the device to always be connected, without effort/configuration. Just switch it on.

EviSense® is easy to use: The sensor unit actively communicates with the cleaner by LED signals, sound or vibration to guide or warn the cleaner if necessary.

EviSense® ¬– a new level of quality for every square meter: Easy to install, easy to use and ready to be presented at Interclean 2022. Visit us and get connected with the future of cleaning.

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