Four exhibitors that will help you control the rise of the machines

Sunday, 24 March 2019

When it comes to science fiction, books and movies aren’t overly optimistic about the future of relations between humans and robots. Our stories are filled with tales of machines rising up to overthrow the people who created them.

From The Matrix to the Terminator, our imaginations are captured by robots trying to take over the planet. Thankfully, back in the real world of the professional cleaning and hygiene industry, you don’t have to look too far for ways to keep your machines under control – and you certainly don’t need Arnie to ride in and save the day.

The machines are already taking over

Cleaning machines and e-cleaning systems are not a new part of the professional cleaning world. However, with a wider range of smarter products hitting the market, they’re quickly becoming a far more viable choice for many companies who otherwise wouldn’t invest.

The challenge then facing most businesses is how to make the most of their investment. It’s no good purchasing a set of machines to find out that the only way they’re likely to overthrow you is to make your cleaning operations more inefficient than they were before.

This means that companies need effective ways to manage their e-cleaning solutions. At the same time, individuals have become used to managing every area of their life from a smartphone or tablet. No wonder the industry is seeing a rapid influx of innovative app-enabled processes designed to drive efficient cleaning operations – and keep their teams of robots in check.

Take control with Management & Mobility Solutions

It’s an exciting time to be working in the field of Management & Mobility Solutions right now – partly because of the unique scope it has. These products and services go way beyond their own segment. In fact, they’ll have an impact on every single other area of professional cleaning and hygiene.

Seriously; whether it's an app that manages chemical dosage in the on-premise laundry sector or a chatbot that interacts with cleaning robots, the new era of smart solutions is already changing the way businesses everywhere approach their operations.

That’s why, this year at Interclean Istanbul, you’ll be able to visit a dedicated Management & Mobility Solutions Pavilion. Likely to be one of the most popular sections at the exhibition, it’ll be home to the latest information on apps, online monitoring tools, e-learning platforms and workflow software.

Meet the expert exhibitors at our dedicated pavilion

As well as the hottest apps and tools, the pavilion will be the place to find the e-cleaning experts. It’s an ideal opportunity to not only discover the future of Management & Mobility Solutions but to understand your own e-cleaning challenges – and how to overcome them.

As for the experts themselves, here are the teams you really need to seek out on the exhibition floor at Interclean Istanbul 2019:

1. Haltian

Smart washroom solutions to improve customer experience and employee wellbeing while lowering the costs to manage washroom operations. It places huge emphasis on digitalizing washrooms from towel and soap refill optimization, and managing washroom cleaning operations, meaning this will be the team to talk to if you want to see what’s going on at the forefront of Management & Mobility

2. Progiclean

Forget looking at just one or two mobility solutions – Progiclean provides an entire ecosystem of web-based and mobile apps that cover any task and operation you need them to. From dealing with daily tasks to managing field agents, if there’s something you need help with, Progiclean will have the answer.

3. PRP solutions

Who said Management & Mobility was all about taking control of machine operations? It’s also an effective way to organise your human teams as well – as shown by PRP and its cloud-based solution that allows managers to manage operations in real-time.

4. FacilityApps

A vital part of driving efficiency in your operations is collecting, and acting on, up-to-date management data. The FacilityApps platform offers the brains behind your ability to work more effectively, gathering information from IoT devices like bin and dispenser sensors.

Discover the future of professional cleaning and hygiene

When it comes to professional cleaning and hygiene, it’s too late to stop the rise of the machines. But you can control it – and use it to improve the efficiency of your operations. Whether you’re not sure where to begin with smart systems or are looking to find the latest and greatest new tech, the Management & Mobility Solutions pavilion will be the place for you. Make sure to pay it a visit when the doors open at Interclean Istanbul 2019.


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