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Digital cleaning innovations and its impact on hygiene levels and staff

Tuesday, 21 September 2021

As the world focuses on the need for increased levels of hygiene due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the quality of cleaning solutions is ever more pertinent. It is important that public spaces maintain a good level of hygiene and so facilities managers are looking for new solutions to keep their spaces in an ultra-clean condition.

Although there is a need to provide a more hygienic environment for visitors, facilities managers are often required to do this with less cleaning staff than before the pandemic. Therefore, the industry needs new ways of working that are less reliant on human input. This is where the latest digital cleaning solutions come in.

Data driven technologies for improving hygiene levels

Using data generates more insights than we had before, allowing us to perform a myriad of tasks in a more efficient way than we previously did. This data gives us the opportunity to develop new and more targeted services. Simply put data enables an enhanced focus on the most important cleaning tasks, allowing for improved cleaning quality and levels of hygiene within the cleaning industry.

Utilising technology to improve hygiene levels results not only in higher levels of customer satisfaction, but also enables enhanced operational efficiency. This means digital cleaning solutions are an all-round excellent way to meet the needs of all parties involved, from facilities managers to the general public.

With the Covid-19 Pandemic has come a greater focus on cleaning public areas. The public want to feel that they are not taking unnecessary risks by going to a communal space and touching surfaces that are frequently touched by others. Digital cleaning can help in the constant battle to keep these high touch surfaces clean. Robot cleaners can be programmed to automatically clean and sanitise these areas every day.

Feeling safe about the air we breathe is also essential with the threat of respiratory diseases like Coronavirus upon us. Another way of sanitising a public space is to use air purification machines. Commercial-grade air purifiers can make all the difference, providing a feeling of cleanliness and freshness in a public space by eliminating contaminants and contagious airborne germs.

Digital cleaning innovations and cleaning staff

Enhanced cleaning technology is also a good development for cleaning staff as well as the public. The deep clean provided by these advanced machines will not only protect the public from dangerous viruses but also the cleaning staff, who are often working in public spaces and are exposed to high touch surfaces regularly.

Cleaning technology is also a good thing for cleaning staff. Although some staff may be suspicious of it, thinking that robots may be replacing their jobs! In fact, digital cleaning solutions may boost a cleaner’s level of engagement and lower their stress. Data driven cleaning empowers cleaning staff to deliver higher quality results by working smarter.

Cleaning technology can work alongside human cleaning operatives to get the job done quicker and can perform some of the repetitive tasks that cleaners may not enjoy doing. For instance, floor cleaning robots can be programmed to clean large floor areas without the need for human intervention, except perhaps at the programming and docking stage.

Data driven cleaning technology also allows facilities managers and cleaning company directors to access smart analytics stored on devices once a cleaning operation has been done. This enables them to monitor and manage cleaning operations, optimising these processes so that they deliver higher quality cleans and more efficient overall results. These range of benefits to all parties make digital cleaning innovations the preferred cleaning method in today’s world.

Digital cleaning solutions at Interclean Amsterdam

Interclean is the world’s most advanced cleaning and hygiene show that gives visitors the chance to see all the latest digital cleaning technology. Exhibitors from all over the world bring the latest cleaning innovations to the show. The next event will be held at the home of Interclean, The RAI in Amsterdam, in May 2022.

No doubt there will be more digital cleaning technology on show than ever before at Interclean Amsterdam next year. Cleaning equipment companies are likely to have developed more digital cleaning innovations in the last year or so, in response to the need for enhanced cleaning technology fuelled by the pandemic.

It is clear that the future of professional cleaning and hygiene is digital. As a representative at Interclean said:

COVID-19 creates new challenges and requires new ways of working across industries and new higher demands will continue. Therefore, it is very important to equip facilities with the right solutions to deliver a healthy environment for visitors and cleaning operators with systems that help increase quality while optimising efficiency

So, what are some of the innovative digital cleaning solutions that we might see at Interclean Amsterdam in 2022? The Internet of Things, or IOT, is powering some of the latest cleaning technology. When people think of automated cleaning technology, they usually think of cleaning robots, but there are plenty of other devices that can be utilised when connected via IOT.

Facilities managers can look at all the devices within their buildings and see how IOT could connect and automate their fleet of devices. They can use connectivity to drive a facility’s automation. For example, programming air conditioning, dehumidifiers and automated cleaning robots to only perform their jobs when needed - at specific times of the day or night.

Mobile apps are another popular technological innovation that can be utilised to help cleaning teams work more efficiently. They allow cleaning operatives to gain an overview of what needs to be done and they save admin time, dispensing the need for filling out paperwork by allowing workers to log information with just a few taps.

Connected devices can also provide valuable data that was never available to utilise in the past. Analysing the data can identify patterns – giving both facilities managers and cleaning teams the insights needed to focus resources, work more efficiently and discover new ways to drive sustainability and provide enhanced cleaning in a world changed by the pandemic.

Expect to see plenty of innovative technology including apps, cleaning robots and other devices that can be connected via IOT at Interclean Amsterdam in 2022. We look forward to seeing you there!


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