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Meet our exhibitors from near to far: Steam Jet & Metal Graphics

Tuesday, 23 April 2024

With over 900 exhibitors from across the world, Interclean Amsterdam is where the international cleaning and hygiene industry gathers to discover the future of clean! We recently caught up with two of our exhibitors to find out why they’re excited to participate in the biggest event on the international cleaning calendar.

Demonstrating the amazing selection of providers, products and innovations on show, Winston Shin, Team Leader at Steam Jet in South Korea and Clare Griffin, Sales and Marketing Executive at Metal Graphics in South Africa shared their insights about the many benefits of attending Interclean Amsterdam. Both are first time exhibitors.

Why is Interclean Amsterdam 2024 such a big deal for your company?

Winston: This is our first time exhibiting, and for a good reason! Interclean Amsterdam is the world's largest cleaning and hygiene exhibition. It's the dream stage for any company in our industry. We're hoping to achieve several things: promote our innovative steam cleaner, connect with potential global distributors, identify the latest trends in the cleaning market, and generate new business ideas.
Clare: We believe Interclean to be one of the largest and most important expos for hygiene and cleaning for both exhibitors and visitors alike. In the South African hygiene industry, we have spoken to many associates, customers and suppliers who have visited at one time or another and all have remarked that it is the best of its kind!

Metal Graphics is heading to Interclean Amsterdam for the first time. What are you hoping to achieve?

Clare: We're incredibly excited! As a well-established South African manufacturer of hygiene products, we're ready to take the plunge into exporting. Interclean is the perfect platform to meet key international decision-makers looking for high-quality, sustainable hygiene solutions and products made from aluminium and some stainless steel. We also want to gain valuable industry insights to further refine our product offerings.

Innovation is a big theme at Interclean. What kind of inspiration are you hoping to find?

Winston: Absolutely! We're eager to see what other companies are doing, especially when it comes to smart technology and eco-friendly cleaning solutions, as well as learning about the latest innovations for biologically hazardous substances and institutional regulation measures. Knowledge about these innovations will help us refine and improve our own steam cleaner for a more competitive edge.

Sustainability is a major talking point these days. How do your products fit into that conversation?

Clare: During the pandemic, we made a strategic shift towards sustainable hygiene products made from aluminium and stainless steel. These durable dispensers are a fantastic alternative to wasteful single-use plastics, and we believe they'll resonate with eco-conscious buyers worldwide. Part of our main strategy going forward would be to move into exporting these products and we are hoping that the upcoming Interclean show will be a pivotal starting point to do this.

You mentioned setting up global agents. How will Interclean help with that?

Winston: The beauty of Interclean is that it brings together cleaning professionals from all over the world. It's a one-stop shop for networking and building relationships with potential partners. If you attend Interclean you can achieve multiple goals at once, all in one place without having to participate in multiple exhibitions. We're confident that Interclean will be a springboard for expanding our global reach and sales.
The South Korean cleaning market is definitely shifting towards a preference for eco-friendly and low-water usage cleaning solutions. Public and service sectors are showing growing interest, while traditional sectors like car washes and food factories are still dominant. Unfortunately, the economic downturn has caused some stagnation in market volume, but we're optimistic about the future.

What can attendees expect to see at your booth?

Winston: We'll be showcasing our powerful steam cleaner and demonstrating its many benefits. It's a great eco-friendly alternative to traditional cleaning methods, and we're confident that visitors will be impressed by its effectiveness.
Clare: Metal graphics has been manufacturing and supplying South African companies since 1999! We are a well-established manufacturer supplying various industries including Hygiene and Cleaning, but also companies in the Industrial, Engineering, Advertising & Events and Promotional Industries. We'll be bringing our complete range of aluminium hygiene dispensers to Interclean Amsterdam 2024. This includes everything from hand sanitiser dispensers, liquid soap dispensers, paper towel and tissue dispensers to sleek wall-mounted and floor-standing sanitary bins. Visitors can see firsthand the quality and functionality of our products.

Interclean is a massive event. Any advice for other first-time exhibitors?

Winston: Preparation is key! Overseas exhibitions require a lot of planning, so start early and be ready for the unexpected. Also, make sure your message is clear and concise, and don't underestimate the power of live product demonstrations!
Clare: We're learning as we go too! However, based on local shows, we believe strong pre-show marketing is crucial. Let people know you'll be there and generate some buzz!

What are you most looking forward to at Interclean?

Clare: Honestly, it's a two-fold answer. First, we're eager to connect with potential customers and build lasting relationships. Second, we're keen to learn about the latest industry trends, especially those focused on sustainable cleaning solutions. I am hoping that we glimpse these trends so that we too can plan and prepare ourselves better for this more sustainable future. The trends do seem to be moving toward less plastic, less waste and less consumables so that we waste less – this is very interesting! Interclean promises to be a treasure trove of information, and we can't wait to dive in!

Since 1967 exhibitors have travelled from far and wide to showcase innovations and solutions that continue to transform the industry. From 14 - 17 May 2024 at RAI Amsterdam, Interclean Amsterdam will once again be uniting the cleaning and hygiene industry from far and wide!

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