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Meet our exhibitors from near to far: Italimpia Nardi & Discover Battery

Friday, 22 March 2024

With over 900 exhibitors from across the world, Interclean Amsterdam is where the international cleaning and hygiene industry gathers to discover the future of clean! We recently caught up with two of our exhibitors to find out why they’re excited to participate in the biggest event on the international cleaning calendar.

Demonstrating the amazing selection of providers, products and innovations on show, Gustavo Nardi from Italimpia Nardi in Argentina and Alexander Marotz, Vice President Business Development – Motiv from Discover Battery in Canada shared their insights about the many benefits of attending Interclean Amsterdam.

We're excited to learn more about your company and what you'll be showcasing at Interclean. To start, what are your primary goals for participating in the show?

Gustavo: As always, we aim to strengthen our brand awareness and promote the innovative food safety tools we manufacture. This year, our focus is on connecting with potential distributors and clients who can help expand our reach in specific markets.
Alexander: Our goal is multifaceted. We want to significantly boost brand awareness, particularly for our new Dry Cell+ and Gel Cell+ battery designs. Interclean is also a fantastic platform to get a pulse on industry trends and reconnect with existing customers. Of course, we're always open to meeting new partners and expanding our reach.

What kind of audience are you hoping to attract to your booth?

Gustavo: Ideally, we'll see a good number of high-quality visitors. By that, I mean decision-makers and industry professionals actively looking for solutions to enhance food safety practices.
Alexander: We're on a mission to educate! We want tradeshow goers to walk away with a clear understanding of the various battery technologies available – flooded, AGM, gel, and lithium – and the unique advantages and disadvantages of each. We're eager to see how our batteries can power these innovations and connect with fellow floorcare industry professionals and discover what groundbreaking technologies are on the horizon.

Speaking of solutions, what will you have on display at the event?

Gustavo: We're excited to showcase our entire line of products designed to ensure the highest hygiene standards in food preparation and handling. This includes everything from advanced sanitisers to state-of-the-art temperature monitoring devices.
Alexander: We'll be showcasing our entire lineup, including our Dry Cell AGM and Gel Cell batteries, along with our Lithium Professional Batteries. There's something for everyone!

This isn't your first time at Interclean, is it?

Gustavo: We've been participating for quite some time – maybe 20 years now! I'd say we've been involved in around 10 editions of the show.
Alexander: We've been exhibiting here for several years now. It's become a tradition for us.

What significance does the show hold for you in the industry?

Gustavo: Interclean has become a crucial meeting point for companies in the cleaning and hygiene sector. It's a fantastic opportunity to network, forge new partnerships, and gain valuable insights into the latest trends.
Alexander: Two things really set it apart: the international audience and the participation of leading industrial OEMs. It's a chance to connect with a truly global network and see the big players in action.

Speaking of trends, what aspects of the professional cleaning and hygiene industry excite you the most right now?

Gustavo: As you might expect, given our area of expertise, I'm particularly interested in advancements within the food safety sector. New technologies and methodologies that prevent foodborne illnesses are always fascinating.
Alexander: The move away from flooded batteries, which require regular maintenance, towards maintenance-free AGM batteries and even lithium options, is a fascinating development. It represents a significant leap forward in convenience and efficiency.

With so many exhibitors attending Interclean Amsterdam, how can others maximise their impact at Interclean? Any advice you'd like to share?

Gustavo: Absolutely! My biggest tip is to dedicate enough time to explore the entire show. Don't limit yourself to just two or three days – take advantage of all four days to network and see what others are offering.
Alexander: Preparation is key! Set up meetings with potential customers or partners beforehand to make the most of your time.

And finally, what are your top tips for attracting visitors to your booth?

Gustavo: We believe in keeping it simple and informative. Our booth staff will be offering clear, concise explanations of our products and their benefits. We want visitors to walk away with a strong understanding of how our tools can improve their food safety practices. We look forward to connecting with industry professionals and showcasing our commitment to food safety!
Alexander: We believe education and showcasing innovation are vital to grabbing visitors’ attention. Many people underestimate the importance of understanding battery technology – particularly the total cost of ownership and how to choose the right battery for their needs. We'll be there to answer questions and provide valuable insights. We look forward to meeting fellow industry professionals and keeping the world clean, one charged machine at a time.

Since 1967 exhibitors have travelled from far and wide to showcase innovations and solutions that continue to transform the industry. From 14 - 17 May 2024 at RAI Amsterdam, Interclean Amsterdam will once again be uniting the cleaning and hygiene industry from far and wide!

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