iClean Technology Proud To Launch in Europe
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iClean Technology Proud To Launch in Europe

Tuesday, 23 April 2024


Introducing iClean Hospitality Suite: Elevating Cleaning Management to Operational Excellence

iClean Technology is proud to announce its European launch, bringing operational excellence in cleaning management with 24-hour support. With over 10,000 users across 1,000 sites worldwide, iClean expands to meet growing demand and deliver unparalleled solutions to the European market.

Designed For Ease Of Use For Cleaners

iClean Hospitality Suite revolutionizes cleaning operations with its user-friendly design. Cleaners access intuitive interfaces that outline tasks clearly, enabling them to prioritize effectively and enhance productivity.

Cleaner Analytics: Insight for Efficiency

Efficiency becomes tangible with iClean's real-time analytics. Cleaners leverage straightforward dashboards to monitor progress, adapt strategies, and optimize workflows—translating insights into practical actions.

Validation & Seamless Communication

Supervisors benefit from iClean's streamlined communication tools. Effortlessly adjust schedules and tasks, ensuring everyone remains informed and adaptable to dynamic demands.

Room History: Smart Cleaning

iClean's room history feature enables targeted cleaning efforts. By focusing on areas that require attention, teams maximize efficiency and minimize redundant tasks—delivering practical results.

Infectious Clean: Precision in Action

Ensure compliance with infectious cleaning protocols using iClean's proactive notifications and visual training aids. Empower teams with clear procedures and real-time guidance.

Agility Redefined

iClean Supervisor empowers supervisors to lead dynamically. By leveraging real-time data and insights, they respond swiftly to challenges, maximizing operational efficiency and team performance.

Real-Time Data & Accountability

Transparency and accountability are cornerstones of iClean Reports. Access detailed cleaning data to ensure compliance, make informed decisions, and drive continuous improvement.

Continuous Improvement: Practical Auditing

iClean fosters a culture of excellence through digital auditing. Conduct efficient audits, uphold the highest standards, and drive ongoing improvements—achieving tangible outcomes.

Customer Testimonials

Justin Wilshaw, Head of Hospitality at Estia Health, shares his experience with iClean: "Implementing iClean significantly improved our service quality. It provided transparency across all sites, allowing us to identify strengths, areas for improvement, and site-specific needs. This digital system transformed our staff rostering process, revealing actual cleaning times and driving substantial efficiency savings." Michael Conry, Support Services at Royal Rehab Hospital, Medirest, adds: "Using iClean has transformed our cleaning operations, ensuring compliance and efficiency in our daily tasks."

The iClean Hospitality Suite isn't just a tool—it's a practical solution that empowers cleaning teams to excel. Embrace iClean and experience a new standard of cleaning management—one that prioritizes practicality, efficiency, and empowerment. Discover how iClean elevates cleaning operations, delivering tangible results and driving continuous improvement across the hospitality industry. Unlock the potential of operational excellence with iClean Technology.

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