Disinfectant wipes: automatic dispenser Hagleitner
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Disinfectant wipes: automatic dispenser

Monday, 15 April 2024

According to hygiene pioneer Hans Georg Hagleitner, this technological advancement has been long overdue. “No more dried out disinfectant wipes at the top of the pack – no more germs introduced by rummaging fingers”, explains the entrepreneur about the product. His company presents the automatic disinfectant wipe dispenser at the Interclean Healthcare Cleaning Forum 2024. The device dispenses wet wipe after wet wipe entirely touch free, while also protecting its contents. Hagleitner aims to set new standards in hygiene with this innovation, emphasising that a wet wipe needs a dispenser like milk belongs in the fridge.

Game changer promotes less waste

In essence, it is a disinfectant wipe dispenser: The hand moves towards it, a sensor reacts, a dial opens, the wipe appears; after taking the wipe, the device closes automatically. However, according to Stefanie Hagleitner, Hans Georg's daughter who oversees marketing and product management in his company, the invention heralds a new era for hygiene in general: “Customers will no longer have to throw away dried-up wipes in the future, thereby avoiding resource waste.”

Digital shelf-life monitor

Among other things, the invention boasts a digital control system that includes a shelf-life monitor: “Particularly in hospitals, disinfectant wipes must not be out of date, otherwise they lose their effect,” describes chemist and disinfection expert Kerstin Heine. The dispenser not only relays crucial information, such as its fill level and charge status, through online transmission, but also provides a flexible power supply, allowing for the utilisation of mains power, a rechargeable battery, or a recyclable energy unit. The rechargeable battery and recyclable energy unit can power up to 20,000 operations each.

Made in Austria

Hagleitner presents XIBU 2WIPE hybrid at the Interclean Healthcare Cleaning Forum 2024 in Amsterdam: stand 12.426. The company manufactures the dispenser, the disinfectant wipes and purpose disinfectants in a central production facility in Zell am See, Austria.