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Exhibitor spotlight kennedy hygiene

Monday, 18 February 2019

Community is a huge aspect of every Interclean show. Bringing together industry professionals from all over the world to share ideas – while giving them the space to engage in spirited discussions and debates – is integral to Interclean’s continued success. It makes the show what it is.

However, that community aspect stretches far beyond just the visitors that attend our exhibitions. It’s deeply entrenched in the teams and companies who exhibit with us too. Every year, they set up their stands with the aim of delivering the latest innovations and unique perspectives to our close-knit community. It’s their hard work and dedication to further advancements in the industry that really makes Interclean special.

With this in mind, welcome to our second exhibitor spotlight – looking at Kennedy Hygiene.

Kennedy Hygiene – striving for excellence

Stepping out into the limelight this time is Kennedy Hygiene – a company with a rich history, constantly striving for the latest and greatest innovations in washroom hygiene systems. With a catalogue of products stretching from hand dryers and soap dispensers to feminine hygiene solutions (along with the consumables for these products), Kennedy Hygiene has made itself into a one-stop shop for all its clients’ washroom needs.

Staying true to its heritage as a precision engineering company, Kennedy Hygiene also invests a significant percentage of its own turnover into the ongoing development of its products – working tirelessly to enhance its offering and offer innovative products to clients across the world.

Partners in innovation

As regulars of our exhibitions will already know, we place a huge emphasis on innovation – and we’re always looking to partner with companies that share in this vision. Kennedy Hygiene is one of those companies that seeks to continually push the boundaries of our industry and make advancements that benefit both its clients and the sector in general.

Speaking on the topic of innovation, Andrew Cawthorne, Key Account Manager Europe, says: “[Kennedy Hygiene] aspires to be the hygiene service specialist’s supplier of choice for best in class washroom hygiene systems worldwide. Our history as a washroom products manufacturer started back in 1961 when the launch of our first roller towel cabinet shaped industry standards. Even then our company focus was clear – to serve the service specialist. [Now], customers worldwide prize our product range for reliability, quality, cost control, ease of service and hygiene.”

Seeking sustainability

An important area of focus with regards to innovation for Kennedy Hygiene is sustainability. With the industry becoming ever more conscious of unnecessary waste and the best ways to tackle it, Kennedy Hygiene has made creating eco-friendly and sustainable products a priority. In order to reduce the waste that paper towel dispensers create, they promote the use of cotton roller towel cabinets.

Andrew says: “Cotton towels are extremely environmentally friendly compared to paper towel dispensers and electric, automatic hand dryers. A lifecycle analysis undertaken in 2006 by the Oko-Institut in Germany on behalf of The European Textile Supplies Association proved that cotton roller towel cabinets outperform paper towel alternatives in six out of seven environmental aspects. Paper towels are a massive 150% more damaging to the environment than paper towels.”

But it isn’t just in its hand-drying facilities that Kennedy Hygiene is trying to take steps to be more eco-conscious – it’s also making a concerted effort to make all of its products greener with its intuitive re-engineering programme. As Andrew explains: “Examples include products which operate mechanically, alleviating the need for electricity or batteries, reprocessed material use in dispenser manufacture wherever possible and product designs which increase battery life and reduce consumable consumption.”

And its efforts are clearly working. Acquiring the ISO 140001 environmental accreditation back in 2000, it adheres to the European regulations relevant to the manufacture and end use of products. Coupled with an exceptional environmental management system, Kennedy Hygiene is definitely doing its part to move the future of the industry in a much more sustainable direction.

We look forward to working more with Kennedy Hygiene in future Interclean shows. Discover more about them on our Products & Services page.


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