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Download e-book: China, the gateway to professional Cleaning & hygiene in Asia

China will be the world's largest economy in 2024 which can be partially attributed to increased disposable income and urbanisation. With the development of China's economy and the improvement of material living standards, cleaning has become a part of improving people's quality of life and is beneficial for the international Cleaning and Hygiene industry.

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Exhibitors about Interclean China

Interclean show hosted by RAI, is the No 1 cleaning show in the world. It will be a major event and an exciting moment for the Chinese cleaning industry when Interclean comes to Shanghai in 2024! As the leading association in China for manufacturers of cleaning equipment & supplies, ACCESS wholeheartedly supports this show, since Interclean China will undoubtedly provide a world class platform for ACCESS' members.

Mr. Jonathan Zhang
Secretary General of ACCESS

Since many years Interclean in Amsterdam has proven to be the number one recognised networking platform for the worldwide cleaning industry. As representative of the European Cleaning Machinery Industry Eunited is happy to see that Interclean has successfully started the most professionally organized cleaning industry event in the sector in China. We received a very positive feedback from our members. We are confident that post-Corona, Interclean China will become the number one exhibition for the Chinese cleaning industry, focussing on innovation and the latest market trends. An exciting opportunity for our member companies!

Dr. Peter Hug
Managing Director EUnited Cleaning