Interclean China 2023

Interclean China

Discover the best in cleaning and hygiene products at Interclean China 2023. Interclean China is China's only dedicated professional cleaning and hygiene trade show. The show brings together cleaning and hygiene professionals from anll parts of China and abroad to network and gain a global overview of the ever-growing industry. Gain insight an learn about the latest innovative products from industry experts and professionals from across China and beyond.


Unrivaled business opportunities


Wednesday 18 October 2023
Thursday 19 October 2023
Friday 20 October 2023


Chongqing International Convention and Exhibition Center
2 Jiangnan Ave
Na'an District, Chongqing



Why Interclean China?

The past years have seen significant economic growth in China. This resulted in continued investments in infrastructure such as airports and railway stations, offices, shopping malls, healthcare institutions and so on. With higher living standards and due to the Covid pandemic people are getting more and more conscience about the importance of cleaning and hygiene for their wellbeing. It encouraged the cleaning industry itself to develop a variety of innovative products for example in robotics and AI solutions.

Chongqing and its sister city Chengdu are at the heart of the highly populated and economically thriving Sichuan province. And with the opening of borders following the COVID-19 pandemic and less travel restrictions to China for foreigners, the cleaning industry is offering unlimited developments and opportunities in and around the country.


200+ Exhibiting companies

All segments from the professional cleaning and hygiene industry will be presented: Laundry • Healthcare • Zero Waste Solutions • Washroom • Machines • Window washing • Steam and High-Pressure cleaning • Management and Mobility Solutions • Equipment • Detergents • Robotics • Related Products

Gain a global overview of the industry

8000+ visitors expected

Interclean China is created for professionals from the following sectors: Foodservice • Hotels & Leisure • Healthcare • Offices & Real Estate • Education • Industrial • Retail • Food Processing • Transportation • Warehousing • Agriculture • Lifesciences/Pharma/Cleanrooms

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Exhibitors about Interclean China

Interclean China, with the concept of "innovation + science and technology", identifies the precise direction of development of the global clean industry and integrates it into the show wisely. The event embraces international and domestic innovative ideas and products, and fully demonstrates cutting-edge cleaning technology. With its outstanding international background and resources, Interclean China brings and showcases classic solutions to help China's cleaning service industry to develop further in a combination of scientific, ecological, professional and personalized way. During Interclean China, both international and domestic visitors will surely witness the development of international technology, enhance the exchange of industrial updates, enlarge industrial networks, and thus motivate the enterprises to further develop and integrate in the new trend market, and eventually level up both themselves and the industry together.

Mr. Zhai Jialiang
Secretary General of Beijing Cleaning Association

The Chinese market has been developing rapidly and is witnessing an increasing demand for quality products. Together with our stakeholders and local office in Shanghai, our team in Amsterdam is excited to expand the Interclean portfolio once again. Collaborating with the industry, and bringing our expertise and innovative network, we are working together to create a flagship for the Asian region.

Robert Stelling
Director Interclean

Interclean China 2023 will be the best party ever for our industry together, see you in Congqing 2023!

Mr. Simon Chen
Founder of ICE