China – An Exciting Market for Your Professional Cleaning & Hygiene Business

China is undoubtedly fast becoming one of the major players in the global cleaning arena.

In this informative e-book we’ll offer a unique perspective on what is driving the recent advances in the Chinese cleaning and hygiene industry. What trends and developments have propelled the industry into the limelight and how can your company tap into this new wave of optimisation?

You can use these insights as a springboard to effectively explore the many exciting opportunities to experience China’s flourishing professional cleaning and hygiene market at this year’s Interclean China Trade Show. Interclean China 2023 will take place from 18 -20 October 2023 at the Chongqing International Convention and Exhibition Centre.

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What you'll find inside:

  • Why China's cleaning and hygiene industry for your business?
  • A new dawn for China’s commercial cleaning market
  • Tracking China's top cleaning trends
  • The rapid rise of AI and automated equipment
  • China’s booming cleaning products industry
  • Introducing Interclean China: 18-20 Oct 2023
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