Programme - Webinar 'Cleaning and the Digital Future'

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8 February 2022, 14.00 (UTC+1)

Marian Loth

Keynote by Marian Loth - Toilet researcher and designer

In this keynote, Marian Loth will present: Toilets and technology: a challenging route. Over the past four thousand years, the human approach towards personal hygiene has transformed from a social event to an individual concern. Currently we allow technology to enter our personal hygiene sphere. As Dutch toilet expert, Marian will explain that practicing personal hygiene will become increasingly technical and inclusive by 2050. This is a challenging development in which Corona also plays a role.

Followed by a Panel discussion

Followed by a lively panel discussion about digitalisation and technology in the cleaning industry, focussing on the benefits of a connected cleaning industry. With questions such as: 'How does data-driven cleaning work?', 'How do data-driven cleaning solutions support better facility hygiene?' and 'How can cleaning robots redefine cleaning?'. The panellists:

Dirk Tuip - Board member at Facility Data Standard
Nancy Farrell - Senior Product Manager for Services and Solutions Essity
Peter Kwestro - Global Business Development Director Gaussian Robotics

After the panel discussion the audience can engage in a interactive break-out discussion. The moderators will close the discussion by sharing the key takeaways from the break-outs.

8 February 2022, 15.00 (UTC+1)

Marian Loth

Keynote by Marian Loth - Industrial Engineer

Innovation Session Webinar

Innovation Session

Innovation Session by Tork: How to do more with less
Hygiene and cleanliness are top priorities for facility managers. Employee expectations on a healthy work environment are rising and resources are scarce. These challenges require facility managers to identify new and smarter ways of working. During the webinar you will hear about the challenges that cleaners and facility managers face today, how data-driven cleaning can be a solution to these challenges and how it creates tangible business impact.


Innovation Session


Final Break-out

Join the break outs to discuss the learnings from the innovation sessions with other attendees.