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Interclean China Press release

RAI Amsterdam launches new Interclean show for China in 2021

Wednesday, 16 December 2020

RAI Amsterdam is delighted to announce the unveiling of Interclean China 2021, a brand-new show for the Chinese professional cleaning and hygiene industry.

Set to take place from 19-21 April 2021, the first edition of Interclean China will open its doors in Beijing – hosted at the China National Convention Center.

Bringing cleaning innovation and value to China

Interclean China will mark the arrival of a prestigious international trade show in the region; a brand that will attract exhibitors from all over the world. Through this, RAI Amsterdam aims to bring cleaning innovation and new brands to China by offering an overview that facilitates professionalising the country’s cleaning and hygiene industry and creating four new networking opportunities.

Interclean China is the result of a close corporation of local and international cleaning communities. It will bring people together and facilitate meaningful meetings, creating a bridge between China’s growing cleaning industry and global vendors looking to import their products and services.

Technology is the key to drive a growing cleaning market

Global vendors are keen to pursue the opportunities available in China’s professional cleaning market. It’s an industry enjoying rising demand – and is expected to see further growth of 6.7% by 2022. The introduction of a new high-quality exhibition is the answer to this growing demand.

Technology is a key driver to develop new opportunities in the Chinese market. The professional cleaning and hygiene industry has seen many adoptions of new hardware and applications skyrocketing across sectors like manufacturing, hospitality and healthcare. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the most important technologies in the industry and Interclean China 2021 is set to provide cleaning providers with access to expert voices and vendors in this field.

Experience and expertise are vital to China’s cleaning success

For RAI, Interclean China 2021 represents an ideal opportunity to expand the presence of its Interclean Amsterdam. Interclean is the world’s most advanced professional cleaning exhibition in the world. Its appeal is truly global. The show attracts more than 900 exhibitors from 47 countries – along with 33,710 visitors from 143 countries.

As well as operating its flagship Interclean Amsterdam trade show, RAI has plenty of experience in bringing professional exhibitions to China. The company is (co-)organiser of Aquatech China, Intertraffic China in Beijing and Rematec Asia in Guangzhou. It also opened an office in Shanghai earlier in 2019 to provide local support for events and operations in China.

A new show with local and international industry support

RAI is not alone in launching Interclean China. The exhibition already has the support of many Chinese and global organisations. The China Association for Quality Inspection joins RAI as a strategic partner for the trade show, with other supporting organisations including the Beijing Cleaning Association, ACCESS, and the Patent and Copyright Innovation Alliance. The show is also very proud to receive the endorsement of EUnited Cleaning; the association for leading European manufacturers of cleaning systems for commercial and industrial use.

A key issue for many will be how organisations operating in China use intellectual property (IP) to improve – and place a value – on business conduct across the cleaning industry. It’s a serious topic within the Chinese market, with a high percentage of revenue being invested in R&D and IP registrations. This will be a strategic focus for Interclean China, which is why the signing of the Chinese Patent and Copyright Innovation Alliance into the Entry Committee and Advisory Board for IP Issues has been a vital step forward. Interclean China will act as an important platform on which to advocate for the value of IP and associated services.

A golden opportunity to explore the future of professional cleaning

“China has become more than just another target market for our industry – it’s the market with the one of the greatest growth potential. From a global perspective, China will even become one of the most important market for cleaning products in the years ahead. For Kärcher as well, there are enormous opportunities in this country. As cleaning is not a product but a solution, that involves different stakeholders and our industry depends on networking – it’s why a trade show is essential. We’re glad that, with Interclean China, we’re seeing the development of an exhibition here that’s guided by the needs of the industry. So, we’re happy to support Interclean China in establishing its professional trade-show architecture.” - Markus Asch, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Alfred Kärcher SE & Co. KG

“Interclean China fully demonstrates the recognition and needs of the international cleaning and maintenance industry enterprises in the Chinese market – covering various aspects, such as the business environment technology and economy. It’s exciting because the Chinese cleaning industry is facing a new round of opportunities and challenges. New brands, new application technologies and new ideas are constantly being generated and developed, then applied to a wider variety of new application fields.” - Ruide Deng, Director and Secretary General, China Association for Quality Inspection (CAQI)

For many years, Interclean Amsterdam has proven to be the number-one recognised networking platform for the worldwide cleaning industry. As a representative of the European Cleaning Machinery Industry, EUnited is happy to see that Interclean is also on its way to launching in China – and will certainly become the number-one exhibition for the Chinese Cleaning Industry. The show will take place for the first time in 2021, focusing on innovation and the latest market trends. We’re very much looking forward to this exciting new opportunity for our members.” - Peter Hug, Managing Director EUnited Cleaning

Interclean China 2021 will take place from 19-21 April at the China National Convention Center in Beijing.

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