Interclean China Press release

Interclean China-Wuhan Roadshow Held Successfully

Friday, 23 October 2020

At Shangri-La Hotel, RAI China and Wuhan Cleaning Industry Association (member of Interclean China Strategic Steering Committee) jointly organized Interclean China road event in Wuhan (Hubei province, China) on October 16, 2020.

The Forum attracted 150 attendees including leaders of government regulatory departments such as Wuhan Federation of Trade Unions, Wuhan Labor and Finance Union, Wuhan Market Supervision and Administration Bureau, Wuhan Federation of Industry and Commerce and Market Supervision and Administration Bureau of East Lake High-Tech Development Zone; leaders and representatives from industrial organizations in Hubei, such as Hubei Property Services and Management Association, Hubei Cleaning and House-keeping Service Association, Wuhan Association of Real Property Management, Wuhan Pest Control Association, Wuhan Association of Environmental Sanitation and Wuhan Association of Environmental Protection Industry; and representatives from associated organizations such as Netherlands Business Support Office Wuhan, Hubei Overseas Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Hubei Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese Innovation and Entrepreneurship Alliance, etc.

The opening speeches from Zhang Ning (President of Wuhan Cleaning Industry Association), Zheng Xinhan (Secretary General of Hubei Property Services and Management Association), and Simon Ding (Managing Director of RAI China) all indicated their passion and enthusiasm towards cleaning industry, the importance of cleaning industry against Covid-19 in Wuhan, and last but not least the resource integration and cooperation between overseas and domestic industry helps a lot in the post and regular pandemic prevention and control.

Voices of the Cleaning Industry in Wuhan

Li Yaping, President of Wuhan Tongji Property Management Co., Ltd., and Zhou Zhou, Project Manager of Wuhan Xincheng Meijie Protection Technology Service Co., Ltd., summarized and shared their project management experience in hospital property management and cleaning during since outbreak of Covid-19 in Wuhan, constantly updated technology and experience, thus making enormous contributions to the fight against COVID-19 pandemic for the people of Wuhan and the people across China. Later, the song “Wuhaners” was played at the site, in honor of 150 workers from the property management and cleaning industry who were present at the meeting.

As the epicenter of the pandemic, Wuhan has the first-hand experience in the prevention and control of COVID-19. In the section of “Effect of Cleaning and Disinfection on the Spread of Infectious Diseases”, Zeng Jing, Vice President of Wuhan Pest Control Association, introduced disinfection measures against COVID-19 in key places and key points of personal protection, providing another awareness-raising training and summary for the attendees from environmental sanitation, property management and cleaning enterprises present.

In the pandemic era, industry norms and standards have played a more obvious and critical role in the planning of cleaning work, the guarantee of service quality and the evaluation of results. Xu Guangrong, Secretary General of Wuhan Cleaning Industry Association, reported the four-year standardization work, progress and results of the cleaning industry in Wuhan.

Given their special contributions and efforts in formulating the group standard Technical Specification for Epidemic Prevention and Disinfection in Public Places, Wuhan Canglong Group Environmental Technology Co., Ltd., Wuhan Huibang Property Management Co., Ltd. and Wuhan Jiangcheng Cleaning Services Co., Ltd. were awarded certificates of drafting unit of the group standard and congratulated by Zhou Guohua, Chairman of Wuhan Trade, Finance & Tobacco Union and Min Shenghua, Minister of Wuhan Federation of Industry and Commerce.

Voice of International Cleaning

Due to the board control, the actual communication and travel from international is paused, however this doesn’t stop the interests and eagerness of the industry between China and overseas. Isabel Yglesias, Chairman of EFCI, shared her views on the impact of the pandemic on the property management and cleaning industry in Europe and future trend via a pre-recorded presentation. During the presentation, Yglesias expressed a sincere invitation to the Chinese counterparts for collaboration in the future between the cleaning industry associations in China and Europe.

Simon Ding (Managing Director of RAI) China, and Robert Stelling (Exhibition Manager Interclean Global Events), briefly reported the essence and concept of the first edition of Interclean China and then cordially invited the guests to participate in the event. With its nearly 60 years of experience in organizing international exhibitions for the cleaning industry, Interclean China aims to create a unique platform linking the high-quality resources of the cleaning industry at home and abroad.

William Mao, Standing Vice President of Hubei Overseas Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Chairman of Weilian Planning Design Co., Ltd., shared his early cleaning practices and inspirations in Australia with attendees at the forum in a humorous way. However, behind the relaxing atmosphere there is an inevitable embarrassing fact faced by the cleaning industry: the social status of cleaning practitioners is not high. Therefore, the world’s cognition and concept towards the cleaning industry must be changed with concerted efforts of industry associations, competent departments, media and exhibition platforms as well as all persons of the industry.

Correspondence of Cleaning Suppliers

The forum was also supported and sponsored by various brands and manufacturers such as Triooo and Karcher China. Fang Jiange, Director of Triooo, the major sponsor, presented solutions for multi-functional intelligent cleaning equipment in the context of normal prevention and control of pandemic. Xiao Liang, Manager of Wuhan Branch of Karcher Trade (China) Co., Ltd. reported on Karcher’s newly developed solutions for public cleaning in the context of new normal of pandemic. Both of the reports showed the two companies’ active engagement in the anti-pandemic response of their customers to further carry out R&D and improvement on products and services, fully reflecting their tenet of “Customer First and Efficiency First”. The products showcased during the Forum also won high recognition from the audience. Other sponsors such as Bounche Machinery, Alton, Greatbull Industry & Trade, Donsea Paper and HC & RHT Limited also showcased their brands, products and conducted matchup-making with the audience of Forum.

After the road show in Wuhan, Interclean China will continue to hold similar events in Shanghai, Beijing and other cities, so as to build a diversified two-way industrial info share and trade platform for international and Chinese cleaning industries.

Through establishing partnerships in terms of product, technology, talent and business consulting or building a bridge between the Chinese and European cleaning markets, Interclean China, driven by its constant development, will introduce more and more new products, new technologies and new talents from Europe to China’s cleaning industry. With more fresh forces joining, Interclean China will drive the development of China’s cleaning industry and bring more new changes for it in the future.

Although originated in Netherlands, INTERCLEAN sincerely hopes to partners with Chinese cleaning peers to create a professional event of cleaning industry in China. INTERCLEAN looks forward to meeting you again at Interclean China - Beijing 2021 from January11 to 13, 2021!