Webinar 'Cleaning for Health'

8 September, 14.00-16.00 (UTC+2)

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Jean Yves Maillard will provide a general introduction on the importance of preventing cross contamination. He will provide insights in the current context of disease transmission and the importance of cleaning/disinfection. He will also focus briefly on estimated cost for healthcare providers and current challenges for cleaning/disinfection. In the second part of the webinar he will go in-depth into infection prediction (future context), (some) forthcoming technologies, challenges and pitfalls, in particular on assessing the efficacy of the technologies, compliance and product claims.

Jean Yves Maillard Professor of Pharmaceutical Microbiology


Who should definitely attend?

  • Contract cleaners

  • Building service contractors

  • Distributors and facility managers from
          healthcare facilities

  • Business facilities and governmental institutions

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