Three reasons you need to download the Interclean show app
Tuesday, 01 May 2018

Three reasons you need to download the Interclean show app

Interclean Amsterdam is built on technology and innovation – and that's why we have a new and updated app to help you explore the show and discover the products that'll transform your business.

Interclean Amsterdam 2018 will be home to a wide array of exhibitors showcasing the latest products, services and innovations. It'll also host the world's leading speakers, who'll make the most of their platform to share their knowledge and expertise with organisations looking to improve the way they do business.

Simply put, there'll be so much going on, you might want a helping hand to find your way around once you arrive at the show. And that's yet another area where technology offers a solution – in the form of our interactive Interclean Amsterdam show app, sponsored by Kimberly-Clark Professional (available on iOS and Android).

Three app-ealing features to transform your show
The app features all the information you need to know about the exhibition in the palm of your hand. You can discover your favourite exhibitors, get notifications about upcoming events and find them on the integrated floor plan. It's the easiest way to plan out your Interclean Amsterdam 2018 show experience.

Once you've downloaded the app and logged into it, it offers three main features:

  1. Find the activities and sessions you want to attend
    On the homepage of the app, you'll immediately find a list of activities taking place at Interclean Amsterdam 2018. You can flick through the sessions happening on each day of the conference or search for particular events using the search bar at the top of the page.

    Once you've selected a session, you'll find all the relevant info about it – when and where it's taking place, as well as who's involved. Even more useful is the fact you can ask the app to give you a reminder 30 minutes before the events you really don't want to miss.

  2. Discover the exhibitors you need to meet
    Another function that you'll find on the homepage is the ability to search through every exhibitor at Interclean Amsterdam, seeing exactly where their stand is and what they'll have on display to impress you.

    You can flick through a complete list of exhibitors or search for a specific company using the search bar at the top of the page. Possibly the best way to find exhibitors in your field, however, is to filter by segment – giving you the best possible chance of uncovering new and unexpected solutions during your time at the show.

  3. Personalise your exhibition experience
    Searching for events and exhibitors wouldn't be much good if you then had to remember all of that information for later. That's why we've included a 'favourites' feature in the app to help you tailor your show experience to your own requirements.

    Adding favourites is simple. Every page with information about an activity or exhibitor has a star icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen. Click this and the page will appear in your favourites – accessed by pressing the same star icon that appears in the menu at the bottom of the app.

    This is a much easier way to make sure you see everything you want to, and avoid missing out on the innovations that excite you most.

Find your way around Interclean Amsterdam 2018
One key element that runs through each of these features is the integrated floor plan – essentially an interactive map of the entirety of Interclean Amsterdam 2018. You can access this from the main app menu to help you see where you are in relation to exhibitors and events.

Alternatively, you can click through to it from the information page of a specific company or session – and it'll show you exactly where the stand or stage is. As we said, there's plenty going on, and we wouldn't want you getting lost…

Download the app now and be ready for the show
As well as helping you get the most from your Interclean Amsterdam experience while you're at the show, the app will help you plan out your journeys – with useful information for travel options, opening times and FAQs.

You can even purchase your tickets via the app – though registration is still free until 8 May 2018, so book now if you haven't already.

Our app really is the ultimate guide to Interclean Amsterdam 2018. Download it now for iOS or Android here.

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