Interclean launches Hackathon to boost digitalisation and attract new talent
Sunday, 01 December 2019

Interclean launches Hackathon to boost digitalisation and attract new talent

The professional cleaning and hygiene industry is at the heart of digital innovation, so why is it struggling to attract young talent to exciting roles? At Interclean Amsterdam 2020, a brand-new Hackathon hosted in partnership with Facility Apps will highlight why our industry is the place for digital professionals to be – while boosting opportunities for digitalisation across every segment.

Digital technology is transforming professional cleaning

How can you make your organisation more efficient? How can you make your organisation more profitable? And how can you make your organisation more sustainable? The answer to all of these questions is digitalisation. No wonder it’s the hot topic in the world of professional cleaning…

Markets all over the world are seeing a huge influx of new digital solutions. And it’s because software and app developers are constantly finding ways to provide companies with added transparency, efficiency and real-time insights.

For years, Interclean Amsterdam has paid special attention to this trend – highlighting the latest and greatest innovations that businesses need to know about. The show has also focused on attracting digital start-up companies, showing them the opportunities available to them within our industry.

Attracting the next generation of digital talent

While digitalisation is set to transform the industry, its rapid growth has highlighted a key issue: the digital skills gap that exists in professional cleaning. It’s a challenge for other industries as well, with the European Commission estimating that more than 750,000 ICT-related jobs will go unfilled by 2020.

If professional cleaning and hygiene companies don’t solve this issue, it’s hard to see where future generations of digital solutions will come from. So, companies need to attract new talent – whether in-house or via digital start-ups that deliver the software and apps that continue to drive improvement.

That’s why, at Interclean Amsterdam 2020, we’ll be hosting something exciting and new; something aimed at attracting young people with world-class digital skills. In 2020, we’ll unveil the first-ever Interclean Hackathon…

Interclean launches its first Hackathon for 2020 exhibition

For those who aren’t aware, a hackathon is a fun and creative event that sees teams sprint to create a working solution to a given problem. Teams can develop a new piece of software or hardware. Either way, with not much time in which to complete their task, competitors are under pressure to deliver – creating an exciting atmosphere for participants and spectators alike.

In 2020, Interclean will welcome ten teams (each with five members) from all over the world to demonstrate their digital problem-solving skills during the show in Amsterdam. They’ll be set the challenge of developing an app concept for cleaning personnel, based on an everyday real-world issue. We’d say more, but we don’t want to spoil the surprise.

The teams won’t have long to create their concept. With only ten hours on the clock, they’ll really have to work at their best to come up with the best solution. Thankfully, there’s plenty of incentive to perform – the winning team will receive a prize of €2,500 (along with a special surprise).

Meet the future of digital cleaning for your business

The Hackathon will be a wonderful addition for attendees. You’ll be able to walk around the workstations, talking to the teams and following their progress. As well as getting the perspective of software and app developers, facility management students and game designers, you’ll have the chance to share your thoughts on their concepts – and maybe even offer them some industry insider tips.

Powered by Facility Apps, the Interclean Hackathon is designed to support the acceleration of digitalisation and to attract the next generation of IT students and young professionals looking for their next career move. The hackathon will help them become familiar with the professional cleaning and hygiene industry – showcasing how, by joining the industry, they can contribute to a greener, cleaner and healthier world.

The Interclean Hackathon will be a great way for your business to connect with young talent and discover new ways of approaching your operations. Sign up to our newsletter to be the first to learn more about it – as well as all the latest news from the world’s most advanced cleaning show.

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