Four professional cleaning trends to watch out for in 2018
Monday, 02 April 2018

Four professional cleaning trends to watch out for in 2018

With Interclean Amsterdam 2018 not far away, Rob den Hertog, Director Interclean Global Events, discusses the trends set to take the show by storm when the doors open on Tuesday 15 May.

The future of professional cleaning is almost here
Soon, more than 850 exhibitors will come together – along with an array of experts – to showcase the future of the professional cleaning industry at Interclean Amsterdam 2018. With so many innovators and trendsetters gathering under one roof, visitors are guaranteed to encounter some truly special exhibits. Ideas will be shared; challenges will be overcome; and problems will be solved.

Interclean Amsterdam 2018 will be a remarkable event. So, to prepare, here are some of the larger themes attendees can expect to explore – and the solutions ready to change the way businesses approach cleaning and hygiene.

Four trends set to define Interclean Amsterdam 2018

  1. The approach to sustainability in business is shifting
    Green cleaning is by no means a new phenomenon for the professional cleaning and hygiene industry. As consumers have demanded more sustainable approaches from the companies they interact with, the need to display credible green credentials has already filtered through to those providing cleaning products and services.

    The development of sustainable cleaning products and processes is well under way, but businesses are beginning to understand that green cleaning isn't simply about creating an alternate line of chemicals or machines. In fact, we're now seeing a trend towards something far more complex and all-encompassing – the circular economy.

    This means that companies are analysing every aspect of how they do business to cut out waste and inefficiency. Those that succeed will see a drastic reduction in their use of resources – saving them money and giving them an advantage over competitors who see sustainability as a new product line, rather than a philosophy. Discover the seminars and workshops we're excited to be hosting at our dedicated WasteLAB to see how your business can go further with sustainable business practices.

  2. Healthcare cleaning is becoming more results focused
    Cleaning has always been an important part of maintaining productive healthcare facilities and patient safety. However, the growing threat of Anti-microbial resistance (AMR) is prompting a shift in approach to healthcare cleaning.

    With funding for healthcare becoming ever-more stretched, organisations are paying far closer attention to the patient journey – especially when it comes to how healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) can affect outcomes and costs.

    Due to this, healthcare cleaning – already a vital component of infection control – is being seen as less of a background function and more of an integral element in reducing bed shortages. This means that cleaning providers will have work harder to demonstrate how their products and services deliver results. Organisations with data-friendly, tech-savvy processes will have a clear advantage in the near future.

    The International Healthcare Cleaning Forum, running alongside Interclean Amsterdam 2018 on Wednesday 16 May, will see experts explore these themes in greater detail. Discover more about this unique event here.

  3. Automation is gaining widespread appeal
    Again, the concept of automated cleaning processes is not new. We are seeing astonishing innovations and upgrades to machines that are already in use across the industry. What makes automation a trend to watch in the coming year is the way it will hit the mainstream – becoming more accessible to a wider range of businesses and sectors.

    This will unlock amazing opportunities for many service providers to innovate, allowing them to remotely monitor robots and machines. It also means they will have full visibility of their operations in real-time, which will be a key element in driving performance improvements and helping customers to realise the benefits of their services.

    From healthcare cleaning to food safety, the widespread use of automation is set to improve standards across the professional cleaning and hygiene industry.

  4. There'll soon be an app for everything
    In pretty much every walk of life, there's an app for everything – and the cleaning industry is no exception. Along with new robots and machines, providers are developing management  and mobility solutions that allow companies to make vast improvements to the efficiency of their processes and have real-time information to act based on data instead of standard procedures.

    With more (and smarter) machines appearing, businesses need effective ways to manage them – and that's why we're seeing an influx of innovative app-enabled processes that allow for efficient operations and the analysis of management information. This will also play a key role in reducing consumption and improving sustainability.

    Whether it's an app that monitors the number of tissues left in a washroom dispenser, or a chatbot that interacts with cleaning robots, a new era of smart solutions in the professional cleaning and hygiene industry is arriving.

Discover the latest innovations at Interclean
All of these trends will have a major impact on the exhibits and events taking place during Interclean Amsterdam 2018 – not to mention the future of the industry. And the thread tying them together is the innovation involved in driving new products, services and solutions.

As well as showcasing the concepts set to transform the cleaning industry, we'll enjoy seminar sessions from trendwatcher and tech expert Vincent Everts. During the show, he'll share his perspective on professional cleaning, and the direction he sees businesses taking to achieve continued success in the future. Find out more about when he'll take the stage, in our seminar programme.

It's not long now until we can share the future of the professional cleaning industry with the world. We can't wait to see you there. And, if you haven't already, register here to join us in May for the largest cleaning show on Earth.

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