Cleaning meets drones

Cleaning meets drones


Cleaning the windows of high story buildings has never been an easy task. With the implementation of Window Cleaning drones, building maintenance will become more efficient and safer. Window Cleaning drones will ensure a safe work environment without ropes and scaffolding.

The drone boasts a sundry of hardware and software to help in its tasks. It has 14 powerful rotors to help it elevate to high stories in buildings. It uses high-powered hoses to propel water into the target, while also ensuring dirt and debris are removed. The water supply comes from the bottom, with a hose tethering the drone and the supply. The United Kingdom has planned to start implementing Window Cleaning drones this year.

Multi-use drones

Firefighting could be another use for Window Cleaning drones. Most fires are hard for firefighters to reach and high rise buildings prove to be the toughest to deal with. Drones would be a cheaper alternative to helicopters and could eliminate fires in those hard-to-reach-areas.

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