What’s in scent marketing and how is it impacting the cleaning sector?

What’s in scent marketing and how is it impacting the cleaning sector?


Paul Wonnacot, President and founder of Vectair Systems and member of our Interclean Exhibition Committee wrote an article about scent marketing.

Smell is much more important than we realize since 75 % of the emotions we generate on a daily basis are affected by smell. Vectair Systems recognized this and created experiences with fragrances. Their fragrance dispenser were mostly placed in toilets, whereas they are also placed in lobbies, meeting rooms and spas. Scents bring up memories and emotions, they bring you somewhere in your mind.

They are working on “greener” fragrances since we all want to adopt a healthy lifestyle and care about the environment, this fragrances should bring us back to nature. A challenge is that scents are very personal, therefore Vectair Systems did research to identify fragrances that appeal to the general public.

The most important question is: ‘Does this scent give the right atmosphere in its location?’. Customers of Vectair Systems are looking for unique fragrances which people will remember.

Next to that, the look of the dispenser is getting more important. Dispensers were meant to be smelt and not seen but this is changing. Dispensers are now designed to fit in the environment and match with the furniture.

Nowadays, people also want to know the story behind the products they use and if it is environmental friendly. Vectair Systems uses EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate) in their products and this is recyclable

Since technology is already so far, the air dispensers could not leave behind. Therefore, the dispensers can be fully controlled. Is the fragrance too strong? You can turn it down. Is there a meeting room multiple times booked a day and you want to keep the smell fresh? Increase the fragrance delivery.

Having fun with scents is what Vectair System wants. In the laundry industry there are news ways to layer the smell of clean cotton or linen and adding different dimensions to the smell. For example, combining scents with using sounds and lighting can have a high impact on the satisfaction of your guests!